June 10th, 2012


Searching for old Lolita and Brand pictures from before 2000 ...


In the last time I got really interested in the history of Lolita fashion, and I'm searching everywhere for old pictures, but I can't find any!
I searched for old magazine scans but the oldest pictures are from the G&L Bible from their first release in 2001.
I also searched through the WayBackMachnine for old brand pages, but no pictures before the year 2000.

So are there any older Lolita pictures existing?

I often hear that Lolita fashion started around 1980, and I read that AP was founded in 1979 and Btssb in 1988... so there have to exist some pictures :D

Thank you very much for your time and help~ <3
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Shiro Loli

Frill By Affrilliation ~ Fashion Show

Just got home an hour ago from Frill (I live in Knoxville, TN), but I promised someone I'd get this up tonight. One day edit, shaky in some places, kinda hard to hear, but I think everyone else was just taking pictures, rather than video. I'll try to to re-upload this with some improved quality later. Raw edit, for now:

0:04 - The Snow Field - http://www.etsy.com/shop/snowfield
1:15 - Baroque - http://mana86.namoweb.net/
1:45 - Dear Margaret - http://dear-margaret.com/
2:55 - Black Ribbon - http://www.etsy.com/shop/Miscy
4:50 - Osaka Koneko - http://www.kinkikitty.com/
6:30 - Blasphemina's Closet - http://www.blaspheminascloset.com/
7:00 - Megan Maude - http://www.meganmaude.com/
7:50 - Elegy - http://www.elegyclothing.com/
9:05 - HaeNuLi - http://haenuli.com/

Toy Drops Black Parka?

A quick question this morning - did Angelic Pretty ever release the Toy Drops parka in black? I see they have the blue and white one on their english website here:

Angelic Pretty: Cutsews & Knit

ut i can't find it in any other color. I ask because I recently (a few months ago) purchased the black toy drops JSK and was looking to round out my coord. Thank you, any info is appreciated!  :)

Its the little things

I'm moving out of my parents soon and I'm look for gothic or victorian bath and kitchen things. Things like towels, trash cans, maybe even cooking pans if such things exist. I've found some things but wanted to see if anyone else found stuff.
angelic pretty

Bodyline JSK?

Does anyone own this Bodyline JSK? If so, do you have any detail shots of it? I'm just curious about the quality of the lace before I buy it. Also, are the bows detachable?
(Also, wow I haven't posted on this comm in years, hello again egl! It's been forever but my interest in lolita has been rekindled...)