June 9th, 2012

Repairing AP's plastic jewellery

I haven't actually been an active lolita for a while, but one of my most prized pieces of my collection was AP's tricky night headband which I just broke on a night out. (On one of the few rare occasions I actually decided to wear it because I was afraid of precisely this happening!) 

I was wondering whether any of you have tips for the very best way to repair plastic jewellery? One of the wings of the bat has snapped off so it's in a pretty vulnerable spot and I'm not sure whether regular super glue is gonna cut it. 

Any advice would be hugely appreciated as it's quite a sentimental item!

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it's my birthday in a few months and I would like to start early for preparations for the big day.
I was wondering whether some people here have some cool ideas to make it more lolita like.

I'd appreciate you ideas and thoughts^^

Here I go again^^

I going to have a sweet lolita photo shoot. I have some various ideas of sets and such.

Do some of you have any more ideas? Maybe share some experience and tips with your own photo shoots?

I'd love to hear your suggestions.

Kind regards,

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Bookish Belle entries post!

We received so many awesome entries for Bookish Belle May contest! We love the creativity and thought put into these pictures! It was a great month!

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your Blogs, Tumblrs, ...

Hello Everyone,

For our community website I'm looking for Lolita: blogs, Tumblrs, Facebook groups,.... for our website's linkpool.

If you would like to share your blog, Tumblr,... with the community please send me your url and a little description text.

I'm also looking for motivated people with perfect english skills who would like to submit a lolita article every now and then for the community website.

I added everyone from page 1 today. Tomorrow and the day after I will add page 2 and 3 :)

Thank you for all the submitted links and everyone who is willing to write an article every now and then!

Oh and if possible could Tumblr users add a little note like NSFW- if your blog content could be not suitable to be viewed on workplaces. I check every blog but it would help me save time.

Again thank you for your help!
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Non-agent bidders for Mbok/ Yahoo Auction Japan

I am searching for a shopping service that is not an agent bidding service (ie not Japonica/Noppin or From Japan) I've searched in the memories, did a google & egl search and I'm coming up with nothing.My regular shopping service isn't taking orders right now.
Anything link or name would be greatly appreciated.