June 8th, 2012

Bravest Warriors, Catbug

Registered Air Mail

I ordered a petticoat from Clobba. By the tracking, it's been through my local distribution center and should arrive today.
I used the registered airmail shipping option. I've never ordered something shipped that way before. When they deliver it, will they do it like they do EMS and come earlier in the day? Or do they deliver it at the normal time I usually get mail?
(Wouldn't matter usually, but I'm leaving for Frill before 2 today and I wanted to be able to bring it.)

Also, who is excited for Frill?

Edit: I got the petticoat about 10min before the person I'm riding with is going to show up. So cute and fluffy! The mail lady came separate from delivering my mail, I think. But I live on a rural route.

Van Island Lolis ? (Sorry, new in a manner of speaking !)

Hi, i'm so sorry if i'm posting this in the wrong place/illegally so to speak aha. I haven't been on LJ since way before my daughter was born in December >.>

Anyways, I'm posting asking about lolitas from Vancouver Island ? I'm just finally getting some clothing and i'd like to meet some other girls of like minds, and I can't seem to find anything anywhere =/
Maybe I could be poked in the right direction, or people from my area can comment ?

Thanks, and sorry if i'm being a bad community member ! >:3
happy nef

Good Plus Sizes Petticoats for a petite girl

I was thinking I was better off posting on the Plus Size egl board, but I'll start out here first to see if I get any answers.

Being I need a Petticoat, I wanted to ask if there are any good brands out there that are reasonably priced but will also last me a good while, if not forever. I want to spend less than 60$, but willing to spend up to 80$ if I need to. I'm a plus size, but also short. Being new to the fashion, a few pointers can help. Also plan on checking out the sales once I get a feedback page.