June 6th, 2012

Alessandro XVIII

Moitie sizing issues. Has anyone had a good experience using a tailor?

A recurring problem for me is that every other month or so it seems that I find a Moitie jacket or gilet that I would otherwise love to own, except that it is only available in mens size. Since many of my dream items from Moitie were released years ago finding them at all is very lucky. I recently came across a dream jacket that I've been searching for for about a year, but there is one problem - its in mens size. Its so disheartening to have something I have been searching for so close, yet I can't get it because it will likely be too big. I know I asked something similar about size 2 vs mens size about a year ago, but I need to figure out if there is any way at all for me to wear mens size, so that if the answer is no I can lay the thought to rest once and for all.

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Singapore lolita fashion workshop

To commemorate this summer's International Lolita day, we are proud to present you our very own and very first Lolita panel in Singapore in conjunction with Cosfest!
Come join us in a friendly discussion regarding lolita fashion and where to find them, some accessories and coordinated tips.
Also there will be an interesting lolita makeover session for our lucky participants!

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Alternative Payments For A Poor Newbie Lolita?

Hello, everyone~

So, right to the point: I virtually can't afford even one piece of Lolita clothing at the moment. I just can't. However, I have a possible solution to my problem, and was hoping for some feedback on the idea: I can earn real money (have done so already) to buy items from Amazon (I live in Canada, so it restricts some things). The question is, would you, or do you think anyone would be willing to be paid in books or other items I'm able to buy a la Amazon instead of cash - in other words, item bartering.

I know it's an unorthodox method, but might it work?

Thanks for your comments!