June 5th, 2012

lolita goth anime carton

Need help from people new to sewing... or that are bad at it.

The short story, = Making a very long sewing video, I need to know what you get hung up on? What’s hard for you to understand?  What markings do you not understand. Pretty much any thing that would stop you from making a dress.

The long story = As a tie in with a lolita cartoon I’ve been working on for some time now. I’m making a Lolita sewing video .  I will be hosted by one of the girls from the cartoon and show  everything  from tracing patterns from  Gosu Rori  all the way to posing in the finished dress.all  in order and in mostly real time,   

What I need from you is to know what you have trouble with? Or if you have already learnd to sew , what give you trouble?   … and I do mean any thing no matter how small.

Back story = at my last job I had to make videos using CG mixed with live action video. To show people in another country.  What makes a gun work.  Those guys were (how should I say) not bright. And on top of that had never even seen  fire arm in person. Needless to say I got pretty good at explaining completed concepts in a easy to understand way.   Now  I would like to do the same with sewing videos.

Big edit : my idea for this video is to , show every thing in order, show a Gosu Rori pattern, how to trace it, what the markings mean, cut it out, pin the parts... every thing needed to make that dress start to finish, 

Sock help

I've been looking for a pair of black & gold diamond socks. I've tried all the sites I know but no luck. If anyone could help, I'd be greatful as I've been searching for months.

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