June 3rd, 2012


AnimeNEXT 2012 Meetup?

AnimeNEXT in Somerset, NJ is about to roll around once again!

Is there a meet-up planned? I searched the con forums and couldn't find anything (but those forums seem really disorganized to me, idk).

I'd like to try to figure out which day I'm wearing my lolita since I have two cosplays planned. ^_^

Is there anything planned yet? If not, would anyone like to partner with me to set up something kind of on the fly?


I've joined Lookbook recently and I'd love to see other lolitas' lookbooks! So please share, if you'd like to~
Maybe it's a good idea to make a list, what do you think?
Here is mine: http://lookbook.nu/kaori91
I've searched through EGL and didn't find a post like this, so I hope mine's not a duplicated one.

Questions about SWIMMER

Hi everyone! I'm planning on making an order from SWIMMER's online store soon but I have a few questions.

1. If you've ordered from SWIMMER's online store, what shopping service did you use? How much did they charge and how much was total shipping?

2. How is the general quality of SWIMMER's goods? I've seen people negatively review their headphones, but I'm specifically looking at a few bento boxes, a purse, and socks.

Thank you in advance!

Opinions on a bodyline yukata

Okay, so I've been in lolita for 2-3 years now, and have stayed away from wa lolita, as i know it's hard to pull off. Also, I've never wanted to try it before now. But then I came across BL's l300, or the chocoberry yukata

Page here: http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/showProduct2.asp?id=6411&pageNumber=1&pageStop=stop_3&noSubType=N

I know bodyline's wa lolita tends to be aweful, but i love this yukata set, but wanted to get some second opinions on it. Do you think it's still too costumey, even paired with some regular lolita accessories? Could it be pulled into a nice coord? Is it still too 'ita' to fit the lolita aesthetic?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated C:

Bodyline Wigs

Please forgive me if this post already been put up...but I checked the memory and didn't find it. Well, I'll get to it.

The curly Bodyline wigs look amazing! I was wondering if there are any lolitas out there who own BL wigs.

Can you please tell me about the quality.
How are they when brushing?
Do they shed a lot?
Is washing a hassle?
How are the fibers?

Please let me know :D I really want to get one.

Thanks in advance.
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Help my blouses have turned pink

I was in a rush yesterday and I stupidly dried my white blouses with my pink and red jsks and now they have turned a pale pink. I tried  to soak them in bleach and stain remover but the color hasn't changed much. Does anyone have any advice on how to get the pink color off of my blouses or are they just done for? I might take them to the dry cleaners but I'm not sure if that's just a  waste of time.