June 2nd, 2012

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Happy Lolita Day!

                                                       International Lolita Day!

                                                              Happy Lolita Day!
 Today is the first Saturday of June, which means it is national lolita day~<3
International Lolita day comes around twice a year. The first Saturday of December, and the first Saturday of June.
Enjoy today my lovely girls.
Remember what lolita means to you.
To some of us, it may just be a style, and to others, it's a life style.
But, no matter whether you are a Classic Lolita, or a OTT Sweet Lolita, or even a Classic Sweet Lolita.
This fashion has made friends, and brought people together.
Some of us can't find other lolitas near them. But, don't give up hope! You are never alone.
So get your tea, and macaroons, sit down, and enjoy today.
Even if it's raining or sunny, smile, and feel beautiful. Because, hunny, you are.
(Sorry if this is off subject xD I just thought someone should say it :D)
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Fly Away Fashion review

I finally have some time to write a review on the items I purchased from Fly Away Fashion. Fly Away Fashion is a lolita store that has handmade clothes, accessories, and jewelry. I ordered some of their products before AnimeCon and picked them up at the convention.

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So many feelings right now.

Edit: (Since my questions didn't show up)
I was wondering what people think of Bodyline's shoes. How accurate are the sizes? This worries me a bit. Does anyone own a pair of #167? How is the fit?

As for my Anna House blouse, I'm on a borderline chest size (38) so was my getting a size L (36-38) a bad idea? Should I have gone bigger?

Edit #2: Thank you everyone for the reassurance! Now I can't wait to get everything :]

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