June 1st, 2012

Aoki Misako is Guest of Honor at Anime Expo!

Hi everyone, we just wanted to announce that Aoki Misako: Model, nurse, and Kawaii Ambassador- will be at anime expo this year!

She will be hosting the Fashion Show taking place on Sunday July 1st, as well as a Tea Party on Saturday June 30 at 11 am. She will also have a meet and greet with an autograph signing panel during the con as well.

For more info check out Anime-expo.org

Hope to see you there!!!
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Instagram - A resource guide for lolita

Instagram is a photo sharing app available for free on Androids & Iphones. The app allows you to take photos, crop, use pre-made filters, brighten & add frames to your photo and share them with other instagram-ers (is that what we're called?). The app also allows you to post your photos on Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr. To gather even more networking power, you may tag your post (using # sign with a word) and will allow other instagram-ers to view all the photos with that tag in one location.

Since I’ve seen 3 different posts asking about following fellow lolita users, I’m posting a collection of information to help fellow lolita find each other on Instagram using hashtag already in use on Instagram. Navigating through these hashtags will allow more of us to find each other. It also worth noting that you can add the tags anytime you wish and your photo will be loaded at the top of the search for that specific tag, no matter how long ago you took the photo.

I also wanted to added the popularity of Instagram is due to it's simplicity to use, the richness of the networking & the cost to use it (it's free!). As a fashion subculture, relying heavily on visuals, we can really use this site to our advantage and to connect with others in a great way! I hope you will use these site to your advantage.

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Lolita items on Rakuten?

Hi everyone,

Just a really quick question: how legit are lolita brand items on Rakuten? Doing a quick search of brand names comes up with several items, both new and used. Some of them are old releases already sold out on the original brand sites, and I would really like to know if they're for real. Is it the same as ebay where i should beware of dodgy sellers and only buy when they have their own photos? Even on Yahoo Auctions they don't always put up original photos... Or is it generally more trustworthy?

ATELIER PIERROT Official Facebook & Tumblr launch

gothic and lolita brand & select shop

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/atelierpierrot
Tumblr: http://atelierpierrot.tumblr.com/

we will be posting such content as: news, coordinate photo, shop photo, staff photo, customer photo, event photo, & more!

please take a look!
and if you like, please follow us on Tumblr & like us on Facebook

thank you! ヾ(^∇^) ♥

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