May 31st, 2012

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Why do people delete prices after an item has sold?

Hello all! 

As lolita is my hobby, I keep an arsenal of folders and screenshots of auctions and items I am interested in. It helps me to know the average price of an item and how rare it is. A lot of the time when I see a sale on the community that has been completed, the price has been erased instead of just being crossed out. 

Im curious why people do this? There seem to be a lot of "price check" discussions and it makes it harder to research sales when this informant information is not there. I know users are now scared of people paying scam invoices but perhaps there are more obvious reasons XD

Ive also straight up asked people "how much did this sell for :)" (with a preface) and people give me vague answers...?


Hello lovely ladies and gentlemen! Long time no post.

I was curious, who uses instagram? I just signed up and would love to be surrounded by pretty things every time I look at my phone. My name is "sweetmildred", if anyone would like to follow me!

Also, I hope this is allowed. Mods, feel free to delete if not or if too irrelevant. Have a great day!
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Hello once again I am back with more questions this time regarding dresses.

Now you see this dress: I have commissioned a local Seamstress to make it for me (Q: why don't I buy the original? A: It's sold out. Q: why don't I buy the replica? A: I really don't like the pink material they have for the collar and cuffs it just seems wrong for the dress Q: Why haven't I linked you to a picture of the original dress or included an image of it here with a cut? A: I couldn't find one and my cutting skills are haphazard at best)

Alright we all on the same page here, not annoyed at me yet? Let's move on. Looking closely at the dress particularily towards the botton you will notice a brown trim that follows the ruffles a close up of the original dress reveals this to be a lovely chocolate brown trim comprised of roses which for the flaming life of me I cannot find anything close too where I live.

I fear my only hope may be brown Ric Rac. I have been trawling through every Lolita fashion blog I can find and most of the archived topics here that are relatable but no one gives a definate answer on whether Ric Rac is good or bad. Some say it cheapens the dress or makes it look childish others say it's acceptable. Do you think on this particular dress and taking it's non conspicuous postition I could get away with it? If I can't are there any alternatives you would reccomend?

Thank you all and if this post is too large and needs to be under a cut please let me know (and provide explicit details on how to do it because I am just God awful at cuts)
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Removing Yellowing and Glue from Eyelet Lace on a Screen Print JSK?

I recently found AP's Cherry Print JSK from 2005 for sale on Mbok. The auction mentioned a tiny spot of glue on it, and I figured I could probably find something that would get it out. Unfortunately, it's also got a lot of yellowing on the lace (particularly around the collar), and it's screen printed, so I'm stuck on how to clean it. 

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New Wig Store :3

Hello Lovelies!

I wanted to let you know about a new wig shop that has been started up by me! :3 I've had a plan in the works ever since I ordered my first few wigs, but just couldn't seem to find the styles/colours I was looking for. 

It's UK based but I do ship internationally too ^^ There are lots of pictures of the current products on the Facebook page here!

I will also be having a stall at the MCM London Expo in October and other various conventions, so keep an eye out!

I will be changing the domain/url soon hence why I've linked to the Facebook page instead, you can find the current site on the FB page :3

Also, I'm taking suggestions as I'm not too sure exactly what people would people like to see. I'll be bringing out more Twin Tails in more colours and lengths (both straight and curly) and the two-tone/fades in natural colours too :)

Coord Critique & Advice

Ladies I need your constructive criticism!

I've been into lolita fashion for a few years now but just started attending my local lolita meet-ups. (i am super shy when it comes to meeting a large group of strangers: but if you're from the Oregon group, you guys rock you were all so nice!) If you guys could check out my photos underneath the cut and give me some coord advice, it would be very much appreciated! And before anyone comments, "hey shouldn't this be in daily_lolita?" please know I am xposting these photos there as well, but I've found this community is much better at giving helpful advice and constructive criticism over daily_lolita. Compliments are great of course! but I'm trying to get an outsider's opinion on what worked and what didn't with this outfit.

Thank you in advance!
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indecent amoral I like that

Hello and questions :)

Warning: long newbie post ahead- please be nice? :)

I have finally gotten to a point where I can spend money on the lovely clothing I've been lusting over since a friend brought a GLB to class in eighth grade. (I am now a junior in high school o.o). I need to check on some pretty dresses I couldn't find proper reviews for, and some advice on what to buy first...
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Thanks in advance!
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