May 30th, 2012


Fanplusfriend Review Part One

Part one of a big F+F review!

Okay, so I placed my order a couple weeks ago, with no special directions except making a headdress match the JSK's fabric. I ordered a JSK, a matching headbow (special request at no extra cost), a pair of earrings, a petticoat, an EGA coat, and a blouse. The coat and blouse were make-to-order, so they will arrive later on, so wait for another review!

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Lolita Reactions??

I have been looking into lolita for about a year now and i plan on expanding my wardrobe soon. I used to cosplay out in public and never got any rude comments, but i think dressing in lolita is going to be different. Does anyone have any advice for me? Can you share some of your positive and negative reactions?

                                                                                                                                Thank You!
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