May 24th, 2012

Unofficial Lolita Meeting at Anime North!

Hello everyone! I'm so sorry to be a bother (especially to those of you not in the area) but I just wanted to make a post about the unofficial lolita meet-up that's happening at the Anime North convention in Toronto, Ontario this weekend.

This meet-up will not be on the programming, it's more of an impromptu get together.

On Saturday at 2PM, a group of lolitas will be congregating at the west entrance of the Doubletree hotel. That's the entrance that's less frequented, NOT the one close to the busy crosswalk. We're going to do a mini-photoshoot together and mingle for awhile. Once we're done doing that, we'll travel around the convention together in a large group!

Please come hang out with us if you'd like. ♥

Sandals: Go or No Go!

So I'm going through my wardrobe, taking a shoe inventory as the temperature starts to rise outside. Obviously, I don't want to bake, and sandals were my go-to for summer before I got into Lolita. There's where I hit my road-block. It's going to start hitting triple digits soon, and I had always gotten the impression that open toes sandals of any kind, regardless of their shape, style, color, build, or otherwise were a total no-go. If that's the case, I'm going to be stuck with the same pair of closed-toed black leather shoes for when it starts to hit 110+, and my feet are going to roast.

It's sort of a newbish question, and I'm sure I'm going to get bombarded with 'Lurk more's, but have things and opinions changed? Are sandals alright, and if so, what kind? Do I have to wear enormous brick-wedges to get away with it? When I went prowling around the search bar, I still saw a lot of debate going on about it, and I'm even more confused than ever.
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Hana UGUU~

fan+friend wigs + where is this dress from?

hey, i was just wondering if anyone had bought wigs from fanplusfriend before? I'm interested in these two and i would love to know if these are decent wigs or if i should look else where. also if they are decent wigs, how is the cap's sizing? (i have a very large head, to the point that it's roughly equivalent to a men's average hat size.)

also, while on polyvore i found an adorable dress... but it linked back to m*lanoo. Doe anyone know the actual origin of this dress?

UPDATE: Replicas Directory

Another week, another list. Seeing as newbie season is approaching, and there are some who don't know where to get replicas from, I decided to make another list. Again, if you know of any shops not listed here where replicas are available, just leave a comment with the links and details, and I'll make edits as I go. I know nothing of replica shopping, so if something is wrong, let me know too.

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AP, Amelia, Loveless

Advice for starting a lolita group.

I decided I want to make my own Lolita meetup group.
I live far out in the country, and it takes me hours to get to Seattle from my house (~;n;)~
So, the only solution was to bring out some lolitas closer to home in the Washington state, Bothell/Bellevue/Everett area!
Any advice for starting a group? Any guide lines I should establish?
I'm only 15... But, my mother would accompany me (she's into BJDs so, they would be welcomed). So, do you think any of the older lolitas would mind hanging with such a younger girl?
I apologize for any stupid questions, I'm very new to the online community!
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