May 23rd, 2012

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Misako Aoki SF event cancelled

I figured since I read Misako Aoki's blog, I would write a little bit about the "Shocking Incident" she just posted. View the entry here.

Short summary:
Misako posted an entry on her blog today about how shocked she is by the sudden cancellation of her San Francisco event. She stated that the organizer was the one who cancelled the event and that she truly could not believe it. She then apologized profusely and said that she felt betrayed. Misako then went on to say that she has now decided to attend Anime Expo in LA.

I feel really bad for Misako. It sounds like she is extremely upset about how the organizer basically pulled the rug out from under her.

Of Shops and Shopping

I had two questions come to mind about shop-related stuffs.

1) I was perusing the TaoBao shops post from a while back. I found I really liked some of the shops that sell fabrics and trims, and I wondered if anyone can recommend a good shopping service. Is there one that seems to be better with the textile side as opposed to the garments side?

2) I'm gathering ideas for my upcoming shop, and I thought I'd pick peoples' brains here. Are there any Lolita accessories you don't feel you see enough of in shops right now? Currently, my tentative plans for accessories include bows (of varying styles and sizes), parasols (I hope to make myself a prototype one soon!), and a couple different types of bags. I'm open to other suggestions, though actually making them would depend on their complexity and my own patience with myself.

As always, thanks everyone for your input!
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Frill: A Lolita Convention - Pre-registration End

Frill is fast approaching and there are only 2 more days to pre-register!

After midnight on the 25th the Deluxe Package will no longer be available. The pre-registration close also means the last chance to purchase admission to the Sunday Luncheon which will not be available at the door. Don't wait around! We have 18 confirmed indie shops making Frill the largest gathering of indie lolita designers in the US making it a one of a kind shopping experience never before experienced! In addition to US based shops we are very proud to be showing work from a number of Korean designers and an Australian shop as well providing attendees a unique shopping experience.

For more info please visit our website or click here for a list of our designers and spotlights on their work.


International Lolita Day NYC

Hey everyone!

This is my first year and first foray into Lolita. I'd very much like to celebrate International Lolita Day, but none of my friends are into it. I am part of a few communities on face book and I know that one of them is doing a meet up which I will be attending. However ,  I wanted to know if there was a website or some kind of link to events or other meets up that are going on in NYC for International Lolita Day.

Thank You!
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