May 22nd, 2012

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Lolitaloppis/Market in Göteborg, Sweden August 18th 2012

Hello fellow Lolis!

I am writing to announce that there will be a big lolitaloppis/Lolita Market in Göteborg, Sweden on August 18th. After a wonderful turnout from the past Lolita Market's in Stockholm, Sweden (about 400-500 attended!) we have decided to take it up a notch and expand! We are hoping other lolis from all over Europe would love to attend!

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New here! And I need some help :3

Hello EGL :) Here soon, I will be purchasing my first sweet loli coord and I am very excited. I have discovered a lot of places to purchase wigs for my coord, Bodyline being the cheapest so far. But I wondered, have any of you tried their wigs? I really would like to go as cheap as possible, but I don't want it to be horrible quality >.<;

Thanks for the help in advance! :D
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Review: Innocent World

Hello everyone

I'll be reviewing a rather famous classic lolita brand and the one that seems
to have the most overseas orders, Innocent World.
I myself love their simple, elegant pieces.
I will give a detailed overview of the clothing articles so it may be of use
to lolitas that might be considering ordering from them.
One thing important to note that might be slightly offtopic but rather relevant is
that ALL most(?) of Innocent World's clothing can be handwashed in cold water without problems
and this is confirmed by one of Innocent World's workers via email somewhat
however, i will ask again for confirmation on specific fabrics,
BUT i would always make sure and double check before washing.
It has been pointed out that pearskin-like fabric should be dry cleaned.

Innocent World i believe only accept payments by PayPal and shipping by EMS.
All clothing articles come in individual sealed plastic bags with tags.
And when necessary, with padding/bubblewrap of fragile items such as headbands.
Also i believe they pack things in so theyre not too lose in the box to prevent possible damage
that is, if it is mailed in a box otherwise, thick bags which of course are of orders that exclude fragile items.
There is also a 'personal letter' to every order as a thank you.
On another note, like most things online, photos don't represent the actual color, style, etc. so keep that in
mind when looking through their online catalog.
Yes, they try their best to take photos representing the actual clothing article, but many factors 
can contribute to the actual clothing looking different to the one in the photos.
I apologize in advance my crappy photography skills and poor psi images.
so... at last, my review:

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