May 20th, 2012

Gothic lolita bible, KERA, and mangas.

Yesterday, I heard a bad news about Vancouver's only Japanese book store Book-off is going out of business. Now my question is that does anyone know where I can buy these books online? I prefer lower shipping and handling fees. I dont mind if it is used books. Or if anyone know where I can read mangas and magazines free online? Any kind of alternative suggestion is appriciated. Thanks.

Get in contact with japanese lolitas?

I was wondering if anyone of you knows a japanese page with a lolita forum? i am living in japan for an exchange year at a university because i want to improve my japanese language skills, but i don't really know how to get in contact with japanese lolitas. are there any forums or communities? help would be very appreciated!
Zorak in a Wig

A-kon 23 Meet Ups

Hey everyone! If you're planning on attending A-kon, please consider joining us at one of our meet ups! We have one on Friday at the frozen yogurt parlor in the Sheraton, and one on Saturday at the ice skating rink in the Plaza of the Americas!

corfina and I are presenting a panel called "Lolita Fashion: Beyond The Basics" on Sunday at 1:15 - 2:00. Hope to see you there or at some of the other lolita events throughout the con!

Bodyline ordering problems

Hello EGL! I tried using the search function but i couldn't find anything.
Me and my friends are doing a Bodyline-grouporder, ordering some wigs, shoes, etc... But when we click "check out" it says "500- internal service error". We've tried several times, but the same thing keeps popping up. What should we do? Thank you.
victorian goth

Not a costume?

Hi, sorry if there have already been posts on this, but I was curious to know:
How do you explain to someone that Lolita is a fashion, sometimes a lifestyle, and not a costume?

Do you get offended when someone asks you about your "costume", or do you just not care?
Let me know, I'd love to hear everyone's opinions :)

Help me find a post?

Hello everyone! Recently there were a few posts about buying directly from an*tai*na's TaoBao page, but now I can't find the posts. I used the search function and the tag list and couldn't find the posts. Does anyone happen to have the links to them?

Or, if any of you have bought directly through an*tai*na, please answer some questions from me! (I also have a few questions about the shop in general, and one question on lolita shoes in general!)

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Thank you in advance!
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