May 19th, 2012

Religion and Lolita

I follow a confessions tumblr aimed at lolitas, and I saw a post regarding some muslim girls wearing the fashion and incorporating their clothing choice with their religion. I was blown away by it, completely impressed by the creativity of these lovely ladies. They've certainly got more guts than me. I can't even go to church in understated classic without get eyeballed. The post got me thinking about the rest of the community too. :D We have such a wide variety of girls and boys here; I was curious as to how one's faith might influence how you dress! I know some religions discourage girls from cutting their hair, for instance, or to cover their hair.

I was curious, after seeing these images, how does lolita fit into your religion? Do you work around it? Have you personally seen someone lolify a chador or sport a cupcake pin on a dupatta? Do you just avoid wearing it when going to practice?

Summer lucky packs?

Hi everyone. I am still a bit of a newbie, so sorry if my question is stupid :D I would like to ask about summer luckypacks. When will they approximately be out? They weren't out already, right? I am mostly interested in Victorian Maiden an JetJ ones. I really want them and I don't want to miss! Help please! :)