May 17th, 2012

My "response" to the IW announcement about relicas

Hello everyone!

Do you remember someone's post here with Innocent World stating their opinion about replicas and shops that sell them? 
(I can't find the link to it, sorry.....) Anyway I've been thinking about it for long time and finally I got the currage to write my idea here on EGL. It is a crazy and propably naive idea but maybe it will work. You will never know unless you try right? :D

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Slightly altering a brand skirt

I feel a bit silly for asking this, but I figured it was as good a place as any.

With all the recent mentioning of Innocent World, I took a peek over on their website...and promptly fell in love with their Candy Poodle print. (What can I say? I adore dogs.) Specifically, I love the skirt that's offered:

My problem is, it only fits up to a 29-inch waist, a bit small for this girl. (I've squeezed into skirts with slightly small waistbands for me, and they both look 'off' and get extremely uncomfortable after a short period of wear.) My question is, is there a way to replace/adjust the waist in a skirt like this (it looks like it has a slightly higher waist to it)? I would absolutely love to get this print without having to rely on replicas, as I love IW and want to support them somehow.

As always, any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, everyone!
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