May 16th, 2012


Moi Même Moitié Jewelry print

Hey guys, I've been checking around the comm and other sources to see if anyone had already asked a similar question to this, but I couldn't find anything so I'm hoping you guys can give me an answer.
I wanted to see if any of you girls could give me some info about the sizing on the "Jewelry" skirt from Moi Même Moitié?

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Pride & Petticoats: Regency Era & Lolita Fashion

May's theme of Lolita and literature sparked an idea of writing about Lolita and one of my favorite authors, Jane Austen and Regency Era.  After watching both versions of Pride & Prejudice, I was inspired by the Regency Era fashion, the color palettes, and the ladies of the novel (and films).

Click the image above to view the post!

I am sure many of you have watched them as well as read the book, so you may be familiar with what this entry may discuss! It was a great journey in researching and rewatching film adaptations of my favorite book for this post and an absolute treat to write it. I hope you enjoy it :D and if you wish to post any comments and questions here or at the blog, I would be happy to answer them (constructive criticism is welcomed! ^^ )

Angelic pretty glitter prints? Someone has a list? *list added*

Hi, I was wondering which of the AP prints have glitter.

I know Miracle Candy, Fruit parlour and I think Milky planet has glitter too.
I would like a list of all the AP prints that have glitter.

Maybe someone knows a link or has a list of these print?





Twinkle Mermaid


Glitter Playing Cards


Fruit Parlor
Fancy Melody


Miracle Candy
Dreamy DollHouse


Milky Planet
Jewelry Jelly


Aqua Princess
Twinkle Mermaid
Twinkle Carnival
Moon Night Theater


Secret Treasure Chest

Cosmetics Print

Feel free to add more~!
Child of Light

A pair of Lolita photos

This last weekend, I attended a Steampunk/Victoriana convention down in San Diego (my home turf). As it was my birthday weekend, I figured I would go dressed in a couple of my Lolita outfits. I had a lot of fun, got a lot of compliments, and had a couple photos taken.

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egl mod

April Flowers Entries + Winner!

April Flower Entries!
(Sorry for the delay in posting the results this month!)

We received many lovely and creative flower entries for April! We hope you all had as much fun as we did! I admit this one was a really close and difficult contest to judge!

Because of the sheer amount of images per entry, I'm only posting one picture per entry (I'm picking the picture I feel shows the finished item the best.) If contestants would like to display alternative shots of their entry, please feel free to do so in the comments ♥!

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