May 13th, 2012

Review: Angelic Pretty (English Overseas Website)

Hello everyone

Im back with another Angelic Pretty review. 
This time its their overseas website, not their USA San Francisco website.
I wanted to compare the two a bit, so i ordered from both sources.
I have to say ordering from the overseas website is more costly because the exchange rate
from USD to JPY isn't very good. Recently its 1 USD = aprox 77 JPY and at the highest aprox 80.
Im reviewing the 'HANIKAMI Bear Pouch' so i might as well use it as a comparison.
The item was listed on the AP San Francisco website for $109 several days after i purchased
the bear on the overseas website which i bought for $124.56 (the exchange rate being 1 usd = 78.39 JPY).
You can see there is a slight price difference.
Because i live in the US, if i bought the bear from the SF website, it wouldve saved me about $25 or so including
savings from shipping.

So, if you happen to live in the US, i would recommend buying items from the SF website. 
Without further ado, heres the review.

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Darker eyebrows/makeup with sweet lolita : Yay or Nay?

Hello everyone
It's been a very long time since I have last posted on egl, but I wanted to make a post today because I'm looking for some makeup advice.
I usually wear sweet/OTT and my makeup used to be pretty standard. I would have a small cat eye,false lashes, white pencil on my water line and a bit of glitter. But lately I've been incorporating my everyday make up(which is a lot darker) into my coordinates and wanted to know if it looked alright or if anyone had some advice so that I can improve my make up skills. 

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Shiro Loli

My Lolita World Website?

I was looking on my YouTube statistics page to see what places were linking to my videos, only to see that a website called My Lolita World was linking to one of my lolita mini documentires. It claims "ALL IMAGES ARE COPYRIGHTED TO ITS OWNER", but it also features "M*lanoo", "What A Beautiful Life" and "" in a "Helpful Links" section. And in the "Hot Items" section, it only features stuff from the M*lanoo fronts. is this a cleaver M*lanoo front, or a misinformed noob?

Appearing too wealthy

Due, no doubt, to recent political trends, I've noticed more and more people being openly unaccepting of and even uncivil towards people they believe to be too wealthy. I can't be certain, but I believe this is the cause of an upswing in the number of negative reactions I receive when I wear Lolita clothing. Only a few years ago I was able to wear this style in public and receive no negative feedback at all, but these days I hear people insulting me (either to my face or talking badly about me to others) very often. I've also had people ask me, in an accusatory tone, "That dress/skirt/shoes looks very expensive. How much did it cost?" Luckily, I buy only budget-friendly Lolita clothing, so I'm usually able to give an answer that makes them treat me more warmly. I also get this kind of treatment when I wear other styles which look expensive due to their intricacy of detail and deviation from the norm. Has anyone else experienced this?