May 10th, 2012

Help with grommets

So I've been searching around but there doesn't seem to be much info on the subject. But the grommets *or maybe there eyelets... same thing?* on one of my dresses have come loose. And I was wondering how do you remove grommets so that new ones can be put in? Or is it possible to put the cloth back in?

Pictures in cut.

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Super-quick question:
Has anyone bought from Spica before? Cosmates is selling their items now; I've heard of this small brand before, butjust as a formailty I would like to know the quality of their goods. Not the clothes, the accessories like the hats and bags. Thank you!
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Review: Bodyline Sk L482 "Bunny Cinderella"

Hi guys
I haven't seen a review for this skirt yet and i thought i would just quickly write one up..
I have titled the skirt "Bunny Cinderella" because the print illustrates a moment just when Cinderella leaves the ball
to escape to her pumpkin carriage, the bunny prince is shown to reach out to her while she looks back at him.
This is such a cute skirt, i bought it in black instead of lavender because of reasons.

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Charity raffle for sugary carnival?

Good day ladies,

I'm looking to raise some money for a women's cancer run. I would love to get the egl community involved as lolita is a big part of my life. I'm thinking of ruffling off a sugary carnival special set jsk in sax (the first special jsk). tickets would be 10$ each. The jsk is not new, and is bought second hand off yahoo auctions. I'm not sure if there is enough interest in this jsk? What do you girls think?

PS: I am aiming to raise 500$ to 1000$. Is that reasonable?

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Another Designer/Stage Costumes Post

Me again. Seeing as people seemed to like the AatP/Versailles post I made yesterday, I decided to make another one. Hizaki, guitarist from Versailles, is one of many artists to have worked with a brand called Despair for their stage costumes.

Unfortunately, I can't save pictures from the site right now, but they have galleries for each of the artists they've designed for, so I will link to each page. As you can see, most designs are gothic/VK/yukata based, but I thought you'd like to see anyway. I personally LOVE the katana and fan combo used for Izanagi. Again, delete if not appropriate.

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Question about Bodyline's Atelier Pierrot replica skirt length

I've been seriously considering buying Bodyline's corset skirt in black (, after seeing how absolutely elegant the skirt looked in a photo from the Russian Lolita tumbler (
However, one thing worries me.  I'm 5'3", and because of the particular style of this skirt, would it look very strange if it were to fall below the knee?  

Does anyone around my height have any pics of this skirt worn?

Cyperous Wigs?

Hello all,

I'm looking to buy a very realistic wig that I could possibly wear outside of lolita. I've heard good things about Cyperous having exceptional quality, but I'm having trouble finding reviews and pictures of the wigs being worn by buyers. I am naturally blonde and am looking for a wig in a natural blonde color on the lighter side, but I am uneasy about the wig looking fake due to shininess or bad color. Can anyone recommend to me a particular wig or give me more information about Cyperous/realistic lolita wigs? I'm not looking for an OTT hime look, but something nice that could be worn on a regular basis. Price is not an issue.

Thank you all for your time :)