May 8th, 2012


A Few Questions: Durability and Fabrics

With my university semester (finally) winding down, I'm picking up my sewing since I'll have more free time. I had a few questions come to mind as I've been thinking about/planning my upcoming sewing projects:

1) This may seem odd to ask, but how durable is brand Lolita? And what do you do if/when something happens to it that really can't be fixed? It could be tears, stains, any sort of fabric 'disaster' one can think of. (One of my sewing side-projects is to rehab Lolita clothing that could use a pick-me-up, and I wondered what others do when they have to fix/alter brand, or they spill something on it and can't fully clean it, or whatever else might happen.)

2) I'm considering nabbing some fabrics from this shop when I am no longer up to my eyeballs in fabric as I am now. Has anyone ever ordered fabric from there? Their prints look adorable (especially their fairy tale and animal prints!), but I'd never heard of them before.


(ETA: Thank you everyone who has chimed in so far, and anyone who chimes in with their thoughts! I'm keeping mum because I'm reading and learning from you all. Thanks for all the great input!)

(The ETA Strikes Back: Wow, I go to sleep for a few hours, and I wake up to more discussion! I'm still reading and learning a lot from everyone, but I'm really surprised that my little post did this. Thank you all for the information! It's really helpful.)
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Socks Turned Pink! What to do?!

FIXED~! Thanks ladies!

So, my mom decided to do me a favor, and wash my socks... She at least remembered that they are washed by themselves (like, only one pair at a time) But they turned pink!! It's as noticeable in direct sunlight, but you can definitely tell that they are pink. Even more so when out of the light (in shade). 

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[SOLVED] Washed blouse, lace stiff?

Hello everyone,

i have a dilemma on my hands...
I washed my blouse in cold water (should it be lukewarm when the label says 30 degrees celsius?)
and i noticed the lace is stiff
Its air drying currently, but im worried it will stay stiff even when dried?
Should i be worried
This is the blouse:
s it also considered okay to hang the blouse to dry using a plastic clothes hanger?

Any help is appreciated! <33

EDIT: thanks everyone for your input.
It seems once dried, the lace does go back to its original softness. ^w^