May 7th, 2012

Gothic & Lolita Bible Hunt

Hi, I do a fair bit of sewing (taking Made-to-Measure sewing classes) and have been looking into making my daughter into a mini-Loli but would prefer to make her outfits.
I've just been told there's a G&L Bible with patterns for matching children and adult clothes and was wondering if anyone knows which one it is and where I can find it please?
Also other patterns Loli-patterns for children would also be helpful. ^^
Thankies xxx
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lolita and online dating?

anyone here have problems with lolita and online dating sites?

what I mean is....have you had anyone ask you weird things about your pictures if you posted pics in lolita....or just have people not even reply to you?

I am trying to decide if I want to put up pics of myself in loli in my profile.....but I don't know if I should or not....

advice would be much appreciated~

EDIT: thanks for all the advice everyone~! I'll go for it~!
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Lolita in Japanese Class?


I'm just wondering how you all handle classrooms when you wear lolita?

I am just getting into lolita fashion, but I have been an admirer for many years now.  But one of the things that is really worrying me is how my classmates or professors will react.  Especially since I am a Japanese major.  I'm less concerned about my other classes than with my Japanese classes. I'm already terrified of being labelled a weaboo or wapanese, and I am afraid that dressing in Lolita will give people more grounds to as such.  Also, would my Japanese professors be offended in any way? 

I'm very sorry if this has already been answered, but I checked in the memories and I couldn't find anything.

Thank You for your time.