May 5th, 2012

Mbok shopping service

Hi all!

I want to ask you about japanese shopping services for mbok.
I used to get my stuff on mbok using Treasure Japan, but due to some changes on their polices I started using from japan. Their service is pretty nice actually, but they are too slow for bidding on mbok. They have an automatic bidding system for yahoo auctions but they do mbok manually, and they are really slow for doing it.
I've lost items because of that (the item was going to end in 5 hours, and it wasn't night time in Japan and they didn't bid for me. And they say their service is 24h!).
Anyway, I wanted a SS who bids quickly on mbok or who I can deposit some money and ask it to bid for me until the item price is x yen.

Do you have any shopping service that can bid quickly? :D

SOLVED, thank you so much for your quick help!

Hello! ^_^
I want to buy the Sugar Hearts Pochette in mint, but I'm not sure about the color. In the stock picture it looks like light blue, but I only could use the bag if it is mint.
So does somebody can tell me if the bag is really mint? Or does someone happen to have a picture of the bag?


Thank you very much! ~ <3 <3 <3
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Best replica I have ever seen...

I just stumbled across a replica of the Alice and the Pirates coffin bag while searching for the original online and it is possibly the best replica I have ever seen. Does anyone actually own one? I would be interested to know what it looks like in real life. Picture under the cut for comparison.

This also leads me to wonder what is the best replica you have ever seen? 

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