May 3rd, 2012

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EGL May Contest!

This month's theme is: A Bookish Belle

Contest Description
To enter this contest, you must enter a single distinctly lolita photograph featuring books in some way. This could be something like a photo of a book themed coordinate or a photo of your best friend sipping tea while reading a book in a classic dress. Be creative, and think outside the box! Entries will be judged on image quality, adherence to the lolita aesthetic, originality/creativity, and adherence to the contest theme.

The Prize
The prize is an awesome $100 voucher to spend at F+F!

Contest Period
The Contest begins at the time of this posting and ends on May 31, 2012 at 11:59:59 P.M. Pacific Time (PT).

How to Enter
Post a reply to this posting and include the following:
(i) The title for your entry. Entries without a title will be assumed to be "Untitled".
(ii) Your name as you'd like it listed with your entry.
(iii) Your entry which should include no more than (1) photographs.
(iv) Your contact email.

(i) The contest requires that you be a member of the egl community.
(ii) You must submit you entry during the contest period listed above. Only the first entry per Entrant will be accepted.
(iii) In the case of contests open to groups, only one entry per group will be permitted.
(iv) Members of egl_judges_comm are encouraged to enter but are ineligible to win.
(v) You must own the legal rights to any photos and videos submitted in your entry.

Judging and Selection of Winners
Entries will be judged by the members of egl_judges_comm. In the event that the judges come to a deadlock and are unable to resolve a winner, the final verdict may be determined by one of the following methods: (i) public vote (ii) random selection (iii) cupcake tossing. The judges will contact the winner by email after the contest has ended.

Unless specified, prizes are handled by a third party. egl_judges_comm and egl are not liable for the actions or inactions of third parties.

Please note: Decision of the winners from the April contest is going to take a little longer, please expect an announcement mid next week! Thank you for your patience!

Thank you and good luck! Please post any questions or inquiries here ♥

Review: Secret Shop (CLOBBAONLINE)

Hello everyone

This is my first replica review.
Angelic Pretty doesnt have any more of the light pink tea party shoes so i had to settle for the replica. :'(
I believe there are two replica versions made of AP's tea party shoes. Theyre Secret Shop and An*tai*na*, but 
Secret Shop's version is the best of the two in my opinion even though i dont own any An*tai*na* replicas, it is 
only based off of the replica stock pictures. So, if you're thinking of purchasing AP's tea party shoes replicas, i
highly suggest buying Secret Shop's.
I ordered the shoes through which is cheaper than, but not as cheap as buying
directly through taobao using a shopping service, however buying these shoes that way isnt possible, well, at least
to my current knowledge. 

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Fancy Lyrical Bunny

Lolita / Loli-able characters from Movies / series

Characters from movies (or series) that comes across your mind when it's about lolita?
Chracters can be human or anime-based, preferably sweet, classic, hime or country lolita.

For instance,
Alice in the Wonderland (movie, Disney animated film)
Chobits (Chii)
Little Red Riding Hood (BtSSB has prints based on this)

There's a link with huge amount of information, it's an entry from 2006.

TLDR; Movie characters that wears lolita?

Thanks for your help :D
(The company I work for has this Gala Night coming up and they changed the theme without prior notification, previously it was just dressing up, now it has to be based on certain movies, but I've already spent on BtSSB set, I'm less willing to spend on a completely different outfit for another theme.)

EDIT; Omgosh, thank you so much for all the input :D Definitely helps alot!

Bonnets yay or nay? Also hi.

I'm relatively new to Lolita and I have a few questions about bonnets.

I am thinking of adding a classic style bonnet or two to my ever growing accessories stash but as I'm sure you know they can be quite pricey so before I do I just want your opinions on a few things.

What facial shapes and even neck types would you think most suit bonnets? Would it be enough to assume that if you look good in most hats you could pull off a bonnet or are they entirely different?

If you have a bonnet is it generally something you save for things like meet ups or can you incorperate them into your 'I just feel like wearing Lolita today outfits' or are they just to cumbersome.

Speaking of cumbersome are the photo's the online shops provide accurute in terms of the hight of the bonnet?

And finally patterned or plain?

Thanks and before I go Hi Everyone!
ChibiChibi Sailor Moon

Daily Mail article on Lolita Fashion

I was doing my daily skim on the DM website, and to my surprise, this article was found:

Quite a well researched article, they even named some of the brands, quite shocking for the Daily Mail if I'm honest. After the Venus Palermo fiasco, I thought this would be lambasting the fashion. I'm quite satisfied :3