May 2nd, 2012

Decoration Dreams OP sizing?

Hello, I have been thinking about buying AP's Decoration Dreams OP and I was wondering if anyone has the Maximum measurements or knows if it will fit a 92cm bust and 82cm waist. I love the print but I don't want to buy it and then find out it doesn't fit.
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May Community Updates

Artwork this month is by elivior. You can view more of her work on her DeviantArt.

The General Theme for May is Lolita and Literature
Lolita is much like a good book: it is complex yet compelling, with a well-planned theme and a dash of personal flare. It comes as no surprise that we love literature! This month's theme shines the spotlight on those photo-shoots you spent curled up with a good book, or even some literature you may have created about lolita!

The Aesthetic Theme for May is May Flowers
With the rainy season behind us (hopefully) we now have a rainbow of flowers to look forward to! Have you frolicked through a field of flowers lately, or worn a beautiful flower-themed coordinate? If so, May is your month to share!

Thanks everyone, and have a great month! :)

hair question

hello ladies. I was wondering if anyone has actually split colored their hair? I have been wanting to do something different with my hair and I just love the split wigs. I wasn't going to do the drastic colors. gotta still stick to natural colors for work. But has anyone done this yet? how did it work out? Did your hair dresser hate you? Any tips to keep in mind?

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Where to find nice hairbows?

Gosh, I've been posting a lot lately.  ^^"  I know about Forever21, H&M, and Claires, but they haven't had much in the way of hair accessories lately.  Have you guys got any stores you use, online or otherwise, when you're looking for bargains on hair accessories?   I like IW and BTSSB style side bows, but I don't really like the idea of buying used hair accessories.  Etsy shops are welcome, but I'm not good with Taobao. 
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I'm addicted to pastel sweet jewelry

I'm a pastel colors and jewelry addicted Fairy Kei/Sweet Lolita
and I need your opinion about my simple self-made items,
because I want to sell them under the name "Chaos Hime".

Just let me know what you think about it,
because I want to improve my self-made jewelry. ^^

(photos of glitter bows borrowed from Crystal Candy @ etsy)
(photos of ice cream, bows and cake found on google)

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PS: This is my 1st entry on egl. If I did something wrong, just let me know. ^^

Bodyline shoe size question!

My friend is looking into buying these shoes from Bodyline:
And she was wondering whether the sizing was in centimetres or in the regular Japanese sizing, her foot measures 23.7 so we guessed to go for the 24, but in Japanese sizing 24cm is a 23. I bought a pair of them myself (0.5 bigger than my usual size because my size was sold out, but they're too big unless I wear a pair of socks in them) so I didn't want to advise her too much. Any information?

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Alice-style Lolita?

Hello. I have tried looking through tags, the search function and going back a few pages, but I have not come across any pages about Alice in Wonderland-style dress. I think that I would like to go with this theme for my first real lolita outfit, and so I was wondering if there might be any specific brands or shops to recommend for this aesthetic?

I have sent a Mail Order request to Anna House Fashion regarding this dress for about $100 USD, but if someone has a better suggestion I can cancel my order (they haven't gotten back to me yet). My budget is not large enough for major brand name clothing, and I have sludged through so many lolita sites these past few days, to not much avail.

Also, are there any good photo resources for different examples of this style? I'm wondering if I can do any color experimentation (e.g. wearing white or blue shoes/a headband instead of black) with it still being a recognizable character. Basically, I want to see what other people have done and what I can work with.

Thanks for any insight you might have!

Fantasic Dolly pricing and size

I was wondering if anybody knew how much the Angelic Pretty lavender colorway of the Fantasic Dolly skirt went for used? Also, I was curious as to the size. Would it fit a 32" waist? I'm debating if I should try to get the actual one, or just for the replica. I tried searching, but I couldn't find anything.
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