May 1st, 2012

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Please Before Considering Moving to a Forum!

It's already been in the works under a different guise. You don't need the funds because we've already got it online, we just need people to post! Just last night I cleared all of the spam accounts and we only have 60ish members, with... no one active. ;_;

The artist Dame Darcy is working with a team of interns to produce a dress up adventure game based off of lolita and lolita-like fashion, Paper Doll Dreams, and linked to this game is a forum... For Lolitas!

Please click the picture to visit and check things out. We've been online since January, but things are moving slow with promotion because we're also working hard on the game. I'm the only active Admin and Moderator right now and would love some help. (With moderating, and organization!) Please consider making an account. All of us at the Paper Doll Dreams Project have been thinking up perks within the upcoming game for those signing up!


By the way, I'm rosemallow on the Coven, and rosemallow on tumblr! (I've abandoned LJ because of... well, you know. It's changed a lot since I made an account in 2004.)



Guys... this isn't about moving the entire EGL comm over to a forum. This is about branching off from LJ and developing The EZBAKECOVEN forum. Above I never mentioned up and moving everything this community encompasses to this forum, because the ideas are different. I said so in the first sentence! I was asking if users of this community would please consider making an account on to help us get started.

To be salesperson-y: The target audience of Paper Doll Dreams is the Lolita community worldwide. However, we are not making money off of this forum. That is not its purpose. It's to bring people together.

As in, if you're fed up with LJ, why wait for EGL's new forum project to be completed. There's a lolita related one that's been in the shadows and needs help.

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bodyline shipping question~

hiii~ sorry for posting again so recently, but i have another question! i was wondering if i could get some feedback?

with bodyline shipping through 'AIR'- approximately how long have you fellow lolitas have to have waited to receive them? i know the site says up to fourteen days, but i heard another girl saying she had to wait fifteen days and another saying she waited more than twenty. so i was wondering, is it usually pretty good to order by 'AIR'? will i be waiting longer and will the items be less carefully handled if i choose this method or is there no huge difference between EMS (aside from price and judged wait time)? (=^-ω-^=)
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Makeup organization

How do you guys organize your makeup? I see a lot of tutorials online for makeup, but I'm embarrassed to say that mine is just kind of strewn about my bathroom. Bonus for pictures of pretty setups. I'm moving soon and would love some inspiration for how I can make my makeup organization both practical and beautiful.
victorian goth


Hi I'm looking for helpful tips from other lolitas :)
See, I have really long(down to my knees) straight thin hair.
I pretty much always wear it in a single braid, two every once in a while.
Can anyone offer me tips on some more creative hairstyles?

Thanks! <3
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