April 29th, 2012



Hi egl!
I'm a gothic lolita that really loves hats, however I have yet to find a place that sells hats I really love without being craaaazy expensive. I'm looking for ladylike, elegant hats with lots of flowers, tulle, pearls, chains, anything!! Especially a hat like this one: 
I'd also be willing to commission one, but I'd prefer stores! (I'm not looking for mini-hats, just full-size ones)
So, hat-tips! Do you know any places selling gothic (or classic) hats?


hi guys!
Ive already order through tabao before but not shoes. So I had two questions: 1. What size comes closest to an American 7.5? and 2. What should I expect to pay for shipping? i know taobao spree has a calculator but I have no idea how much the shoes would weigh. Any help would be appreciated :D

looking for a lolita comic [FOUND]

Hi all,

A while ago I saw a funny lolita comic about a boyfriend's reaction to his girlfriend getting interested in lolita, getting better, then discovering OTT sweet and freaking him out. It's very short, just 4 panels. I can't seem to find it again, so I'm wondering if anyone can send me a link to it. Thanks!

Fan+Friend Shipping Question and Japan Day in NYC

Hi there!

I have a question about Fan+ Friend's shipping. I've heard that it takes a long time for custom orders, but I was wondering about items that have the "*instant shipping*" label. I bought one of their petticoats not too long ago and it came really fast, and I was hoping it might be the same for dresses and other things. I want to buy a JSK to wear to Japan Day in NYC on May 12th, but I don't know if it would come in time. Anyone?

On another note, does anyone want to meet up in NYC for Japan Day?
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Lolita in your language!

I realize that this may seem strange, but as I am a lolita and a huge linguistics nerd, please bear with me. > u>;; I'm really curious about what different things that we use in lolita are called in different languages. For instance, what do you call a skirt? A wig? Which words do we all use, and which ones are different? Also, for those whose languages have it, is the word lolita masculine, lolita or neutral? 

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