April 26th, 2012

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Question about lace quality on socks

I've been wondering about this for a while- I've noticed that some of the lace that a lot of accepted brands put out on top of their socks looks netted, and a little scratchy.  Not all of it, of course, I see a lot of lovely soft lace on the socks too.  I've also noticed that a lot of girls wear really awesome lolita co-ordinates with Bodyline lace topped socks, and the lace Bodyline uses for socks isn't top-notch.  Is there some sort of unspoken rule which says that lace on socks doesn't have to be as nice as lace on dresses, or is this just in my head?

Question about Mary Magdalene sizing!

Hi everyone~ 

I actually just wanted to ask a quick question about MM's sizing.  I know they're typically very small but while looking at the site and staring at the measurements, I got a little confused

For example for the most recent reserve dress here

measurements are listed as:
  • 着 丈:94cm(BNP~裾)
  • バスト:87cm(編み上げ、シャーリングで15cm前後調節可能)
  • ウエスト:70cm(編み上げ、シャーリングで15cm前後調節可能)

Looking at the bust and waist measurements, I can read that it says it's lace up at the back with shirring that can adjust to 15cm.  What i'm confused about is by 15cm, does it mean max bust measurement is 87cm + 15cm (which seems impossible by MM standards), or it means more like 87cm+7.5cm for max bust measurement? 

If someone who's fluent in Japanese and familiar with MM dresses' sizing can answer this, I'd be forever grateful~

Thank you!

Sock Dreams Review

I know a lot of Lolitas have ordered from Sock Dreams before, so if this post is too redundant, just let me know.

But I live in Portland so I decided to (finally) visit the Sellwood Sock Dreams store. Unfortunately, I was distracted by all the footwear so I don't have any pictures of the shop, but I did take photos of the socks I bought. I got four pair: two house brand OTKs, one thigh high and one pair of Sock it to Me kneesocks.

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UPDATED: Brand List

So, seeing as the other brand list hasn't been updated in over three years, I took it upon myself to update it for you all. I've added some brands, taken some out, and generally tidied some things up. The list follows the same format as the other, with a few changes:

-- If it says "HERE", then I've provided a direct link to the brand's webshop. Just click it and go!
-- If it says "Same as main page", it means that the site's homepage has an easily-spotted item menu or shopping guide, and doesn't link to an external/other page for the online shop. All products will be found under the menu or within the site itself. 
-- If the Japanese webshop doesn't ship internationally but a reseller does, I've linked to whichever official reseller the brand itself recommends for international orders. This is usually Rakuten or CD Japan.
-- If the brand name has "??" beside it, it means the links from the old list no longer work, and Google yielded no results. If any of you know where the sites have moved to, let me know and I'll update them.

UPDATE: Added a list of sites that offer reservations for international customers. You can use them to obtain many brands who don't ship abroad. Thanks, arsenicold_lace!

That really should be it. Any questions, just ask. Oh, and I guess I should say hi. I'm pretty new around here.

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If anybody has any suggestions, updates, etc. about any of the brands, or wants me to add anything, just comment and I'll see to it. 

Twinkle Journey OTT pictures and suggestions

Hello! I was hoping to see some Twinkle Journey OTT coords but so far I've come up with nothing. I tried searching DL but the search suddenly becomes sluggish and Google had me seeing mostly basic (still cute) coords. More varied coords are nice too(not just white/black stockings and black shoes) and i'd also like some suggestions. I've purchased it in Navy and as an OP but skirt or jsk pics are inspiration as well. Thanks in advance!
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Parasol brand question

It's been terribly windy and rainy in the UK as of late, and unfortunately yesterday whilst out in it my favourite offbrand parasol broke, the strength of the wind made the spokes on one side bend inwards. So I was wondering if anyone could recommend me a parasol brand that it suitable for rain and stands up well against wind? Price doesn't bother me as long as it does the job.

I did search the comm, but apparently no one has asked this specific question before as far as I could see.

Thank you!