April 24th, 2012


Healthy Lolita Lifestyle

Hey, everyone! I recently started a tumblr focusing around the idea of living a healthy lifestyle as a lolita, which I will link to with mod permission.

The blog focuses on eating healthy foods, finding desserts and treats that are healthier for you than others, finding sports, activities, and exercise that you can do on your own or at meet-ups, and being a place of support and information for those trying to be healthy, lose weight, or have better self image, all within the ideas of a lolita aesthetic or lifestyle.

So my question to you is - how do you stay healthy while still in your frills? Do you have favorite sports, foods, etc. that fit within the ideas of lolita that might motivate others to help themselves be healthier? 

(PS - hopefully this doesn't post more than once - Chrome seemed to want to delete my post every time I tried posting, but it may have gone through anyway.)