April 22nd, 2012

Handmade bow(:

Hello! It's been awhile since I've been on LJ and I figured it was about time for another visit. I've been playing around with my new sewing machine as well as small crafts in general. Anyways, I wanted to share with you all a bow I made about two days ago and I was wondering what you think? (: Pics under the cut!

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Old BTSSB style bonnets? Do they exist still?

I hate to clutter the comm with this sort of thing but I've looked everywhere for information on this and have come up with nothing. Is there anywhere that still makes the older style full bonnets, with the short floppy brim? I've been a bit out of the loop with changes in lolita fashion... are they just not popular anymore? I think they are so cute, and a lot more subtle than other sorts. I've found a number of indie stores after doing a search of the comm but they are all too elaborate or have wide and/or stiff brims. I've provided a picture below of the sort I mean =)

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