April 21st, 2012



I recently stumbled across a post inquiring about what is the best kind of shape/waist line for a lolita dress, for someone who has a short torso and I realized that I never measured mine and didn't really know how to tell.

I found this tutorial online: http://www.ehow.com/how_8251478_tell-long-short-torso.html which seemed to be helpful. According to my measurements, I'm 20", which puts me at "long" torso status. Here is the issue:

I have a long torso, I'm 5'3.5'' and my natural waist line falls 2'' above my belly button. However, my body shape is what I like to call an "inverted triangle" : http://www.glamcheck.com/fashion/2011/03/16/women-body-shapes , but I'm not just top heavy in my bust area, but in my upper and lower abdomen, which makes it impossible to find anything flattering without having the 'pregnant' effect. Basically, I know that empire waist and baby doll dresses are out for me.

Does anyone else have a similar issue?

I wanted to know if there is a tutorial or blog out there that addresses this issue and also gives examples of what shape of lolita dress/skirt would be most flattering for those particular parameters. Also, general advice is very much appreciated!

Thank You!
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Hey, ladies.
You're probably already sick of all these threads, but just thought I'd share before someone gets in trouble. Maybe it's another Milanoo or alike fad here, but I was wondering if anyone knew anything about MicCostumes.com? There's a bunch of Milanoo-esque pictures and the details/descriptions really scream "Milanoo" to me, but the site has all these fancy "safe shopping" and "goDaddy approved" stamps all over and I actually found the site through DeviantArt, where they posted Dear Celine photos and wrote "Note: Miccostumes.com is the authorization business agent of Dear Celine, and has the right to use this picture." in the comments. So I'm a bit confused..?
Here's the DA account: http://miccostumes.deviantart.com/

I must admit, that the DA account looks a lot more legit than the site, though ^^;
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A Contest Reminder Game (aka: Really Bad Jokes Gone Wild)

This month, the contest theme is `April Flowers,` as opposed to May flowers.  So what does that mean?

No pilgrims this year!   (TIDDY-BOOM)


...Which brings me to my point.  While we`re all dreaming up magnificent floral accessories to submit to this month`s official EGL contest, let`s have a few laughs!  As has been said by someone, if you can`t lol at the fashion, you`re just an ita.  So I`ll start the ball rolling!

A lolita walks into a bar and says...

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Anyone dealing with taobaospree right now? 3 mails and no answer :-(

I've made an order about fabrics and lace. There were no questions from my site, just a list of the items. I'd say a quite easy order since there is nothing that has to be made for me and only two shops are involved.

I've sent this order 3 times now. Twice to susan and once to their hotmail email addy. I've even left a comment on their facebook yesterday. But nothing happens at all. After reading all the reviews about taobaospree here I thought they were fast and reliable. This is my first order and I am quite disappointed with taobaospree right now.

Can you recommend another reliable taobao agent with fast and easy communication? I really need to process this order as fast as possible.


!Hello everyone! About a month ago on Etsy i had purchased something from Belovedwolf and she had replied to me saying the item wasn't in stock and that i would have to wait about 10 days till her supplies came in, so i agreed, but then a little more than 10 days later i messaged her back asking her if the supplies came yet. They hadn't so i waited a bit more and after it had been about a month since the purchase i messaged her again asking her for a refund and she said she would transfer the money back to me later that week. So i kept checking and she never did refund me. i've sent her a couple messages since that last message but have gotten no replies... if anyone has spoken to her could you please tell her to contact me. Or can someone give me advice on what to do? please and thank you.

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