April 18th, 2012

Help on ordering from Baby? D: SOLVED

I'm trying to use Baby's shopping cart to order a blouse, and I've put in all of my information and such, but this message keeps popping up when I try to continue:

I don't read kanji so I have no idea what it says, and I just want my stupid blouse. = 3= 

If anybody can read Japanese or knows what this is, could you please help me? C: I'd really appreciate it. 

Good online consignment stores?

I've got a dress that I've been trying to sell for a while. I don't think I will ever wear it again, and I'd really like to get it sold and out of my closet! I was thinking of maybe using a consignment shop, as the items there seem to sell out pretty quickly.

However, I am understandably a little nervous about sending my $200+ dress off into the sunset. I wondered if anyone had some experience with this and could suggest a good place? I saw that Trample Clothing does it, as well as Clothing-Drop, but are they efficient and trust worthy?

Thank you!

Just out of curiosity...

Has anyone been brave enough to order taobao's Lamb-chan replica? You know, the one that looked like it rammed its head into a concrete wall? I'm curious to see if it actually came out looking like that, or if it now has an actual face attached? Photo under the cut.

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What do you think of this dress?

Hi :)

I have the option to buy a black bodyline OP (L316, it's on the first page, 8 rows down and on the last column on the dress section of the website) for a really discounted price including the shipping.

I was wondering several things:

-Would you consider this dress 'ita'?
-What would you wear this with (if you don't think it's ita)?
-Would you consider wearing it to a meetup?

Thanks for your help xx
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AP headbow - wire?

I could not find the answer with google, sorry.. But I was wondering: Do AP headbows have wire? I am interested in the Fancy box headbow, but I do not like how all AP headbows are folded outside nowadays XD I prefer them like this: http://hellolace.net/wardrobe/angelic-pretty/type/headwear/item/319/
is that possible with nowadays headbows like Fancy Box?
thanks veerry much if you reply <3

Deleware Lolitas

It's recently come to my attention that there are quite a few lolitas in my itty bitty state of Deleware!  While there is a great and large lolita community in Philadelphia that I have been involved with for years, it's just a bit of a trek sometimes.

So I started a facebook group for meeting with a planning outings with other lolitas from the 1rst state.  So if you live around here please join and start posting some ideas for meetups!


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