April 16th, 2012


Gothic Lolita "Ochakai" (Tea Pary) and "Butokai (Evening Pary) in BayArea CA.
May 23 to 24th for 2 days in Berkely.
Special gests Misako Aoki from KERA and Chikage from TOKYO DOLLS will join!!! 
Fashion show is scheduled with Japanese famous GothLoli fashion brands.

please e-maill me if you need more info.

Artist Jam
Dolls secret Party of Artist Jam

Review: Angelic Pretty (San Francisco Website)

Hello everyone

My packages from the San Francisco Angelic Pretty arrived today. 
International orders are accepted, so not exclusively US domestic orders only.
Its my first time ordering from them and i wanted to share my experience with you because thorough reviews are very important when it comes to ordering things via the internet.
I hope you find this review somewhat helpful esp. when buying accessories from them.

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A wig spray question.

Hello, everyone!
I just bought a curly Bodyline wig last month and it is getting tangled. I googled about wig care and it said that I need to use a wig brush to make it smooth and keep the curl with a wig spray. I live in Vancouver and I don't think we have a wig store around here to get a wig spray. so, my question is that does anyone know if you can use some other hair product that you can buy in a drug store in North America instead of a real wig spray??? or does anyone have a better idea to fix my wig???


An Tai Na Shoes

Does anyone know if their shoes are already made or if they make them when you order them? I'm asking because of time restraints and I need them for Anime Expo and Taobao is unbelievably slow (Dream Of Lolita is anyway)
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[Art Post] EGA red crown top hat picture

Please click on the thumbnail to enlarge.
(Warning: Sorry, it contains BL content..)

I've always wanted to make hats I suppose. Well, even if I could make them, I'd look ridiculous in them (I don't really have much confidence in my looks..). I decided to draw a top hat that had red velvet sewn in like a crown then fixed with glass (or, to cut down on weight, plastic) gems, and one thing led to another...

It's fixed with a string because having just clips to keep it in place would be terribly difficult for the scalp.

Kitty and the Bulldog: Lolita fashion and the influence of Britain (at the V&A, London)

As Part of British Design Season the V&A Museum in London are showing a small display which includes a feature on Lolita Fashion.  It is being installed this week and officially runs from the 23rd of April until the 27th of January so there will be plenty of time to see it (and of course all of the other displays that are running alongside the British Design season).

Here is a link for a little more information: http://www.vam.ac.uk/content/articles/k/kitty-and-the-bulldog/

I will post any information about any official events (aside from The Tea Party Club event of course) here to keep you updated.  l am also documenting the installation with a small set of photographs all this week should anyone like to see them :)

(I hope I followed the rules OK, I probably haven't posted here since about 2006 D:)


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