April 15th, 2012

ruby rhod

Getting a musty smell out of hard-to-wash clothes?

A few months ago I bought an older Lolita dress, and it arrived smelling a bit musty, and I've just been completely unable to get the smell out!

Normally I would just wash the heck out of it, but this particular dress is black velvet and it has a very detailed pleated hem, so I'm afraid if I did that I'd pretty much destroy it. I've hung it up to air it out for a while and the smell has gone away quite a bit, but it's still there. Does anyone know of any tricks to get this musty scent out of the dress that wont harm the fabric or sacrifice the pleating? I've been searching online but most everything involves soaking and washing the clothes in question, which isn't going to work for this dress.

Has anyone had any success in getting the musty smell out of clothes that didn't involve a soak and a wash?

And for the record, it's this dress.

Coordination help-Sweet lolita

Ok hi guys I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me with a sweet lolita coord. For the most part I'm mostly a classic and sometimes gothic depending on my mood, and sometimes I do some mixture between classic and sweet but now I think I want to do something totally sweet.

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I don't know why I'm so worried about this because usually I don't have any trouble with coordinates or anything but like I said I'm kind of not sure how to go about sweet. D:

Also, how important is a wig? I have black hair, and I'm worried that it might not look well with it. I would prefer to stay away from wigs since I'm still sort of trying to convince my family/friends that it's not a costume but I'm open it to it I guess.

And has anyone bought the dress in question? If so, what do you think of it?
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Shoe size for tiny foot?

Hi there!
This is my first entry. Sorry if my english is bad. Please correct me is I made any big mistake. >_<

I fell in love with these Anna House shoes: http://i48.servimg.com/u/f48/11/68/30/85/019-1010.jpg
But as you can guess with the thread's title, I have very... very small foot. They are barely 20cm long, which means size 34 in Europe. (;_;)
Anna House shoe's size start from 36. I heard the best way not to suffocate with products from China is to pick one size above.

So, I would like you people to give me your opinion : are these shoes too long for me? Maybe I can use a trick to make these shoes fit me by stuffing them or using insoles? Have you found any other classical pair of shoes which are available in small size?

Any of your opinion is welcome. Thanks in advance! :3
Eureka Seven

Wig Caps - Your Fave?

To my surprise, I've just discovered I no longer have any wig caps. Apparently they grew legs and escaped the confines of my bedroom. Before buying more, I was wondering if anyone has links to their favorite caps. I've been browsing Amazon.com, and a lot of the caps there have very negative reviews about how they started hurting after a few hours. Granted, a product will always have a few bad reviews, but I've been on the lookout for a more comfy wig cap anyway, and though this would be the place to go for some tips!

Chess Chocolate Kodona Pants?

I remember seeing a pair of Chess Chocolate kodona pants a fews weeks back but for all my googling I just can't find them! They may have been made with original or replica fabric, I'm not entirely sure, but I do remember the waist of the pants was just the plain diamond pattern and the border print was on the thighs.

Does anyone have a picture or a link?
I really appreciate it! =]
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Bring me your worn pics, Anna House fans!

In particular ladies, I'd love to know if anyone has worn photos of skirt 013-1300. The hearts and flowers design comes in two different colour ways and I'm so taken by the print, but just can't decide! I would love a closer picture of the pattern,or just a worn picture in some better form of lighting. Sadly the google machine could not help with my request, but it's always so tough with AH because they don't name their prints like other brands.

Anyone who can help would be awesome! Thanks!