April 13th, 2012

DreamV contact trouble

Hey everyone,
I'm having some trouble with DreamV/Yumetenbo.

Somewhere in February I ordered some items from them but they wrote the wrong zip code on the parcel.
My order was returned to Japan, and supposedly has been sitting there since February 28th.
The tracking still says it's in the post office, but tracking isn't always accurately updated so I don't know if they ever received it back or not.

I mailed them then but received no reply.
I gave it the benefit of the doubt and assumed they'd just resend it, but if they had resend it it should have arrived here by now.

I've send them an e-mail again last week inquiring about my parcel but I'm only receiving silence.

Has anyone had any experience with DreamV's customer service and lost parcels? Any suggestions on what else I could do?

Sakura-Con Pictures!

Hey everyone, 

I'm Ana. I'm kind of new posting to EGL. So I hope this entry is okay. ^^; I recently attended Sakura-Con and took pictures of lolitas and their outfits. I wanted to post these pictures here and share them with you. 

Please reply and let me know which picture is of you, it will help me out alot so I know who I took a picture of! 

Click on the pictures, for full resolution! ^^ 

Thank you to the people who let me take their picture! :)

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Picture request- Personal Embellishments to Brand items

I know some have added embellishments to their brand before, be it in added beading in the print design or sewing on a bead scallop to the the bottom hem. I had a few images but I lost them recently. Does anyone have photos of such, be it your work or images that you have saved? 
Thank you in advance! 

Edit: Here are two examples of what I mean:
Deco-d Marionette Girl by AP
Deco-d Marionette Girl by tsu_