April 12th, 2012

Venus Angelic trashed in local newspaper

The british newspaper "The Sun" has absoultley ripped her apart and said stuff like "Her image as a walking, talking TOY as well as the Agony Aunt coloumist telling the whole of the UK that Venus' mum needs to get family counselling? The whole MyView which interviews the Agony Aunt is here. >

The newspaper "The Sun" which is a really popular newspaper here in the uk did an article on Venus, and there is a colum called "My View" at the side of it.
The Agony Aunt columist Deidre Sanders has shocked me with her view, which is
"It's sad to see a young girl's life chances stunted so young. It's as if Margaret (Venus' mum) wanted a doll and not a reached the age where she would start to break free of her mother's all-pervasive influence.
It's tragic that a girl in her mid-teens feels she can't start the day without a layer of false make-up masking the real her.
Venus is at the age where girls at least start to think about growing up - a job, university, boyfriends. Can you imagine the sort of offers Venus will get from guys? I think they would both need therapeutic help  but it would need to be a start for Margaret to talk to Family Lives." (for those who dont know, family lives is a family support group here in the uk)

I think this is ridiculous on so many levels. 1- this is the real her. Also, since when were boys that important? She's 15!
What are your opinions on this, guys? D:
Mushroom Kingdom

Announcement: Manufactured Mario JSK's and Skirts Available!

Hi everyone!
I just wanted to let you all know that the Pre-Order for manufactured Super Mario inspired "Mushroom Kingdom" JSK's and Skirts are now available for pre-order, until the 26th of this month. As per the community's rules though, I won't link to my store. If you have any questions, feel free to ask~!
I hope everyone is just as excited as we are about being able to have our things manufactured.
We're pleased to announce that they will be Australian made, too, which was something we weren't sure we could do when we first looked into it.
Thank you for your consideration, I hope you're all having a very frilly day~! <3
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