April 11th, 2012

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March OTT Entries!

March 'Over The Top' entries!

We had many beautiful entries this month! Thank you for so many creative and amazing outfits! ♥

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It's Me Again

I know I've posted before, but this time I'm in a bit of a pinch, and was hoping someone or a few of you could potentially offer advice or words of wisdom for this.

I staff Anime Central in Chicago every year.  This year, I discovered that Angelic Pretty is a guest, and not only that, they're hosting a tea party.  A friend and myself will be attending, whenever tickets go on sale that is, but here in lies my problem.

I'm a bit on the larger side, enough that I don't really fit most ready-made clothing sizes, especially not in the bust, as my chest is a bit bigger than most usual sizes.  I kept putting off making an order on taobao because I kept convincing myself I could lose more weight before that ultimate final date that I would need to send the order in to receive the items on time.  Alas, now that deadline has long passed, and I can't exactly show up to a lolita tea party in jeans and a t-shirt.

Does anyone have any advice of what I could do?  I'm already watching the EGL sales community, but I'm afraid that, with most of the posts being from clearly small girls that fit in to smaller sizes than me, nothing I could buy from there would fit me.
zosan 2

Solved don't worry about this.

I did a quick search and came up with nothing, so I was just wondering if someone could translate what the blue box next to colours on their page ment (Its something to do with stock) I know the red one means its sold out but dose the blue one mean theres some left?

Sort of in line with the "volunteering" theme

So, when we think of volunteering, we mostly think of things that could stain our favorite clothes, (animal shelters, picking up trash, soup kitchens...) which I hope is the reason that we haven't had any posts for the theme yet. I was recently able to use Lolita to help with a charity event, however, so maybe this could give you ideas as to how to wear Lolita and help others!

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To bloom or not to bloom ? That is the question!

Hello all you lovely peoples!

Very new lolita here. I've only gotten into it 2-3 month ago.  I had a question about bloomers.  

How important are they to dressing lolita?

What do they add? 

What are the pros and cons?

What do some lolitas get short bloomers as opposed to something closer to knee length?

I recently wore lolita for the second time to the Botanical Gardens Orchid Show in the Bronx (NYC) and it was on a day where it was godawful windy and very cold. I wanted to wear some plain, black shorts under my dress, because even though I had on tights and an underskirt, due to the shape of the dress it was doing nothing for the cold. I realized that if I were wearing a pair of bloomers, I might have been just a bit warmer.

What is a good material to have your bloomer made out of that would keep you warm in the fall and winter and does anyone know a good company/person to order from?

Thank You!

Hello Ladies!

I did a very brief search to see if posts of a similar subject have been posted, but I didn't see any. Please, if I missed anything (which I often do) or if I've infringed any rules, please let me know! I will take down the post.

That being said, let's move on to the fun part! I was wondering if any of you ladies and gents had any lolita-related collections or hobbies? Even if they aren't lolita-related, I'd still love to hear about them! ♥

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Eureka Seven

Gabalnara Ordering Help?

I want to place an order for this wig from Gabalnara, but I need some help. XD I don't speak any Korean and there are some options you have to select on the website, including "yarn" (according to Google translate) that I'm a little unsure about. I couldn't find any Gabalnara GOs, or any topics about how to order from them, so I thought I'd ask here. Gabalnara does seem to have some pictures to help buyers out - how to select their wig size and a guide to purchasing for international customers (mostly consisting of pictures showing you where to click - lol), but I'm still confused about this "yarn" thing. Wondering if one is significantly better than the other, as there's a price difference between them.

I'm not even sure what color I want it in - the "natural" brown or "Hershey" brown. I just want the one that looks black...but which one is it?! XD