April 10th, 2012

What to wear with this OP? I don't want to look ita.

Hi ^.^

I'm going to my very first meetup on may 5th. It will (hopefully, if I order the clothes early enough) be my 2nd time out in lolita clothing. I have a few bits and pieces as I'm trying to build up a mini wardrobe, starting with casual items etc.

However, I don't have anything I'd like to wear and I'd really like to try out something more detailed but still kind of refined.

Anyway, I'd like tips on things to wear with one of these dresses (I haven't decided which colour but I'm definitely getting this dress style)

I really want to make a good impression at my first meet, so please give me tips on not looking ita.

Thanks x

Ska Lolita??

Hullo all!

I am attending a Madness concert ***eeeks*** at the weekend and was thinking about putting together a ska lolita coord.  I had never heard of this sub-genre before, but wondered if anyone else had? ***a co-worker of mine told me to wear a skinny tie, but that's as far as I've gotten***

Any thoughts and ideas would be greatly appreciated!  
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BTSSB/AatP Fashion Show Video

Hello! I realize someone has posted amazing pictures from the show already, but I thought people may enjoy seeing video from the event. I apologize for all of the screaming (they instructed the audience to make lots of noise all the time- which was weird, but everyone was happy to do so... haha...) you may want to mute the video and play your own music. ^_^;;

Part 1 - Alice and the Pirates:

Part 2 - Baby the Stars Shine Bright:

I hope you enjoy the video!


Hi, I'm still new to petticoats. Can someone tell me more about these two petticoats on fan+friend?

Like what exactly the shape is and which is better for a plus size lolita to wear? I'm getting more OP's and JSKs and need a good petti. (I'm actually getting a Sugary Carnival Replica so thats why I'm trying to get another petticoat)



Like are they the same just looking different or are they different shapes?

Help! ;o;
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Moving for the summer

Hi guys! I live in the SF bay area and am moving to the Vancouver, BC / North Washington area and wanted to know if there is a EGL up there?? I'd like to make some friends...
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