April 6th, 2012

lulu euphie

Do lolitas often do group orders on Taobao?

I have never used a shopping service on Taobao before, and despite reading the beginner's guide on Hellolace.net, I'm still left feeling a bit confused on how to actually purchase something from Taobao. I've seen girls on EGL mention group orders once or twice, but is that a normal thing? Is there a LJ community dedicated to such things? I'd like to join one with a couple of other girls for my first time so I can see how its done and ensure I don't screw something up.

I also apologize if this post isn't allowed or something..I'm still feeling my way around.
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Eureka Seven

Dry Cleaning Vs Hand-washing in Machine

I've recently made the switch from largely Bodyline to 100% brand, and I find myself terrified when it comes to how I should have these items washed.

I've heard a lot of people swear by dry cleaning, and warn others that they risk ruining their items in the washing machine. And yet, I've heard horror stories about items being ruined by dry cleaners, and that if you have a hand-wash cycle on your washing machine, that's the best way to go.

Can anyone offer some insight here? I'll be needing to wash an Angelic Pretty Honey Cake OP (plus the socks), a pink x white AP JSK, and Metamorphose blouse pretty soon here in time for a convention. I just don't know what to do! The handwash cycle is really gentle, but again, I've heard people insist that the only way to wash brand - particularly prints - is by dry cleaning.

I'd appreciate any tips/advice you can give me. The last thing I want to do is ruin my dream dress. x_x I have been looking through the memories for advice, and reading different opinions, but I wouldn't mind hearing more. I also can't find any confirmation that the Honey Cake print doesn't run.

lolita active-wear

 For those who like to wear lolita virtually all the time and are a bit active, I've been wondering if anyone has lollified things they'd wear while exercising or playing casual outdoor games ( frisbee or catch- something where there's a chance you'd get grass-stained)?    Boy-style's an instant inspiration, of course, but I wouldn't mind maybe adding some "girly" motifs or cheapish lace to a tank top- something like that. 

Baby The Stars Shine Bright diary

Hi! I'm new posting to the comm but not so new on reading the news and stuff.

I've got a question, I just saw some kind of planner/diary on the BTSSB website, there are two models, the Baby one and an AATP one. I'd like to know how do they look on the inside or what exactly are them because if those are indeed planners I absolutely need to buy one, assuming they're still on stock. Thanks in advance.