April 5th, 2012

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HelloLace idea - wishlist builder?

As per usual I was lurking through hellolace for ideas and references and I thought of an idea - that there could be an option of making your own account to build up a wishlist (since I see girls struggling to make posts here on LJ and update them as often as possible), perhaps a favorite list and add tags like "I own this", "I need this in my life/dream dress", "looking for this to buy", "looking to sell this" (plus a link option for this one) an alike.

Also, the maintainers of the site could have a "suggestion" option, where girls can point out dresses that they want to be added to make sure that the library is full and up to date (of course, not just "hey, why is *insert dress name* not listed yet?", but also those, who would be willing to share with photos/info on the not yet listed items).

And as I' m writing, I realized that there could be an option to attach images (with coords and details, that the stock images often lack), with them being reviewed (for quality and general use of the pics).

I don't know if this would have any future, but I thought I' d just put it out there and see what you think.
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On Improving One's Mind (Online)

  Hello, everyone!  
      I tend to think of myself as an Emma Woodhouse sort of girl... privileged in her own little world, but very, very sheltered..and in performance, quite a Harriet. I'd like to improve on that a bit! (With more success than Emma.)
   As the internet is the primary tool at my disposal for self-teaching ( of which I am a huge fan), and my transportation to a community is ridiculously unavailable on a regular basis,  I'm craving something smart and interactive for things like learning French, or Debate, or Sewing and Other Crafts ...groups of people just pooling their resources and having discussions. Google's a great tool, but perhaps a few of you know of something specific and well-established? 
....and if not, why don't we start a little club? we can meet at my forum, or yours, and bring our best pieces- it would be quite divine.
; )

Lolita travel in Japan!

Hello Lolis!
So let me introduce my situation: I might go to Japan in a few months (even though it's not sure, I must prepare a lot) but I am really thrilled!
As a beginner Lolita and Japan lover since many years, I want this trip to turn really great, even if it's just a week!
After browsing through EGL and many, many google searchs about Lolita and shopping places in Japan, it turned out like I MUST go there (at least for Lolita places):

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Anna House Shoes?

Has anyone here ever had a really bad experience with Anna House shoes?

I recently sold a brand new, never worn pair of AH shoes with nothing wrong except a little visible glue and some faint scuffs they obtained during shipping. You can see photos I took of the shoes here.

The buyer said she wore them for 5 hours the other day, just walking on regular pavement, and they're already falling apart. She said the sole is coming off of one, and the front of the left shoe is coming off as well...

I've never heard horror stories about AH shoes before. In fact, I have a pink pair that's holding up just fine after a year or so. Granted, I don't wear them every day, but they certainly haven't fallen apart after an 8-hour day at a convention. Other posts I've found say that AH shoes are indeed decent, if not on pair with BTSSB. But that's pretty obvious that they wouldn't be as good as brand.

Anyone ever had a similar experience?

I wrote to AH, see if they have anything to say on the issue. :\

New Tags, and Whitelist Update- Input Needed!

Hi everyone, just a quick update about the sales community :)

We've added a couple of new tags and made some minor rule clarifications; additionally, we're looking to redo the whitelist based on community input in the hopes of clearing up some confusion about what may and may not be sold. Please head on over to the sales community for additional information!

( Follow the fake cut for the full announcement! )

(Please note that comments are disabled on this post; head on over to the sales comm to share your thoughts)

Kawaii And The Cuties Review: Positive! <3

Hi Dear!

i've bought a week ago 2 phonestraps and a Necklace from The Store "Kawaii And The Cuties"

Her Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kawaii-and-the-Cuties/38219524179734

all the things i've purchased are made in Fimo. I personally think they're well made...

hope this review can help other Lolitas in this community! :)

hope you like it!

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