April 4th, 2012

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Shopping Service Problems

I found an item I wanted to bid on from Y! Japan Auctions. I tried to use Japonica market (I used them before and it went really well), but they rejected it because the seller doesn't like "Agent bidders." I know the fault is not with the shopping service. I just wanted to know if there is any other way to bid on this item? Would it be ethical to ask and individual to bid on it for me who is not associated with a company, or do I have to accept that I can't bid on it?

✩Thanks in advance!✩
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F+F Men's Coat: Cosplay?

Remember me posting about my boyfriend wanting to do military boystyle/EGA? My boyfriend found a coat he really likes from FanPlusFriend, but I know most of F+F's men's section is cosplay. F+F said they can do the coat in dark green cotton twill, with black trim, for 20USD cheaper, but I want to make sure this isn't cosplay. I'm not up to date on anime anymore, so I wouldn't know.

If it is cosplay what about this? It's from Aderlass, a German goth brand. Can any people from a goth background attest to the quality of this brand?

Rainy Days And Seafaring Frills :3 (it's pic heavy peeps!)

A couple of weeks ago, I completed a Ceil Phantomhive cosplay costume for the Sainsbury centre centre for visual arts' 'kingdom of characters' after hours event. More about that here on my blog if you're interested. Well, most of the costume was constructed out of some nice pink curtains, which I bought 4 of. And so much curtain means there's also so much curtain lining! So I'm sitting looking at this curtain lining wondering what to do with it when I spot my boater hat bought last spring, and it comes to me.

And now I'm sharing it with you, the lovely people of EGL!

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Qutieland vs Shopping Service

Hi I´ve been admiring Lolita fashion for a long time now and decided it´s time to work on my wardrobe yeeeeey ^o^~. So I´ve been wondering what would be cheaper, buying from Qutieland website (wich has preeeety expensive shipping IMO) or using a Taobao shopping service to buy "directly" from the indie brands?

I know nothing about shopping services fees or shipping costs >///< so please help me ^^

Thanks in advance to all of you~~

Spring Tea Party with Chantilly!!

The Designer of Chantilly is coming to San Francisco and we'll be having a SPRING TEA PARTY!!

When you purchase over $25 of Chantilly items, it qualifies you for a $30 party ticket which covers the entire tea service! \(^ ^\)

She will also be in-store from Wed April 11th to the 15th!!

The end date will be when the tickets are sold out :)

You can purchase also online as well here!
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"Living Doll" on UK TV

"Living Doll Venus Palermo"

On breakfast TV in the UK today there was Venus Palermo who was basically wearing lolita but calling it "Living Doll fashion" (don't blame her, she'd of gotten torn apart calling it lolita on TV). The above link features an article from a British newspaper about it, and if you scroll to the bottom you can watch the actual video.

The presenter on the TV show really angered me when she said "It's not normal though is it? I'd be horrified if my daughter dresses like that". I don't think a TV show should be promoting such narrow mindedness.

I just thought some people here might be interested in seeing it.
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In search of shoes

Hello everyone!! I've been looking into various lolita fashions for a while now. I'm starting my wardrobe with a few simple basics now and I've been searching all over for some shoes like Bodyline's SHOES245 but unfortunately they are sold out.

I've searched everywhere I could think of online but cannot find any simple non-shiny black mary janes with a platform with a slightly smaller heel. Does Bodyline restock shoes often? Does anyone have any idea where I can find similar shoes that do not have a 5" heel?
(Thanks in advance!)
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Anime Boston

i JUST found out that i will be at Anime Boston after all this year!!!
(my friends and i are vendors and we were on the wait list...)
anyway, being a vendor i cannot leave my booth, but i would love to meet people in person. i am always so envious of the clothes and look.. and rarely if ever get to even the local meet ups... so when i get to an event its a chance for me to see things up close!

while of course i am there to sell stuff, please do not feel like you have to buy anything to visit!!!! i REALLY do want to meet some of the community in person, so even if you are not shopping please do stop by. i wont be able to go to any meet ups , even at the convention!!! due to the whole "stuck in my booth" thing.. so i have to ask people to come see me.

i never trust the booth number until i am set up, but in theory its 370...
and wait list means we wont be in the book.

hope to see some of you!