April 2nd, 2012

White Rabbit

Has anyone received their Fragrant Rose Memories yet?

The schedule for the release of Baby's Fragrant Rose Memories print was "middle of March ~ at the end of March" according to the reserve page. I ordered the Camelot Jumperskirt back at the very beginning of the reserve period, but here it is April 2nd and I haven't gotten a tracking number or heard anything since I paid on the 7th. I thought I saw a picture of the print on Tumblr a few days ago that looked like it was taken by a dress owner and not Baby themselves...

Has anyone received their items? Or even their tracking number?
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April Community Updates

Artwork this month is by rywm. You can view more of her work on her website.

The General Theme for April is Volunteering in Lolita
For all the joy lolita brings us, it is equally rewarding to give back to our communities. During the month of April, we want to encourage you to share your experiences volunteering your time and hard work to clean up local parks, care for shelter animals, or other acts of goodness and generosity - while sharing the joy of lolita at the same time!

The Aesthetic Theme for April is April Showers
It's no secret that April can be a very rainy month, so why not get creative with your rainy coordinates? Umbrella or rain-drop printed dresses are only a starting point - we would also love to see some creativity with lolita-style rain coats, boots and parasols!

Strangest Things You've Found Labled 'Lolita'

I know there's 'Regretsy' for things on Etsy, but occasionally, you run into some really bizarre things elsewhere, trying to capitalize on the innocence and naivite of newbies. Milanoo's business model makes bank on it. Sometimes, they're creepy. Sometimes, they're a little too revealing. Sometimes, they're too retro. And sometimes...

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Calling all Models and Designers! (Fanime 2012)

As I'm sure you have noticed, Fanime registration is up! With that being said, I've decided to help organize the Lolita Panel and Fashion Show again! I'll be working with maroonsparrow , ivyfrozen , janitors from the community to organize this.

I'm sure you're wondering "Well where do we fit in with this?" I'll tell you!

We will be looking for models and designers to be a part of the show! We would like designers to have at least 3, but no more than 5 designs to showcase. I will also need designers to have products near completion (80%) and photographs sent to me by May 11th. I would love to have more designers because I'm only looking at about 4 designers right now. If you haven't already sent a message if you are interested, please do!

We will also need an adequate amount of models for all the designers involved. Models will need to be over 18 (for any legal issues) as well as being available Saturday the 26th from 11:00am to 1:30pm.  I will have more information on that aspect when we has said designers verify what they need, until then please make a mention that you would like to model on this post, and send an email with this information to Fanimelolitapanel2012@gmail.com

  • Model or Designer (in the Subject Line)
  • Name
  • LJ Name
  • Age (need to be over 18)
  • Email
  • Phone Number (Cell preferably so we can get a hold of you at con)
Remember, THE SHOW WILL BE SATURDAY MAY 26TH. DESIGNERS AND MODELS NEED TO BE AVAILABLE THAT DAY. I would prefer everyone to be there by 10:30 am for changing and walking practice.

From there we will let you know any other information we need from you! Thanks so much!

We'd love to showcase our great community with this show, so participate if you can! <3
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