March 31st, 2012

Deal Hunting: Difference between Loliable Turtlenecks/Cutsews and Not

Let me just make an admission now; I love cutsews and turtlenecks.

They're comfy, warm, cozy, easy to find in any store, come in an assortment of colors, easy on the wallet, wearable most of the year, and extremely forgiving in terms of size and stretch. Lately, I have been seeing a bunch of brand cutsews floating around the comm-sales that look just like a fairly common turtleneck in terms of basic construction, without a single bow or ribbon to their name and only bearing a tag or an embroidered 'B' or emblem to state what brand made them. Seeing these things blurs my lines a bit as to what I would consider loli.

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Oo Jia customs?

I'm thinking of getting a few things replicated (blouses and a VM OP that all have sleeves too short for me OTL) but I'd love to know how their custom replica quality is. I've read good and bad things about their print replicas but nothing on customs ones...or if they could even do replications from stock images ^^""
Nothing was coming up when I searched so I thought I'd ask.
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Frills R Us update?

So I was just wondering what's up with the Frills R Us website. I finally decided to register, but there's nothing on there for sale or auction or anything. I went ahead and created an account, because I thought maybe you just couldn't see things unless you were registered, but there's still nothing there. I don't want to keep the account if no one is going to use it. So is there just no one using it? Did everyone decide just to stick with comm sales?

Advice on cleaning an AP print

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Thank you everyone for the advice. I went ahead and spot cleaned as much as I could but the stains were still present. So I took it through a machine wash, gentle style, applying pre-treating gel. I'm happy to report that initial indications show the stains removed and no signs of running :D