March 29th, 2012

Easter teaparty in Singapore- 06 April 2012

Hi. I'd like to post about the information of Easter Teaparty in Singapore on 06 April 2012.
Since Black Alice has hosted it's last tea party at end of last year. The Singapore lolita community has been trying to arrange a tea party for the lolita in Singapore.
The date is 06 April 2012 and venue is Arteastiq (Mandarin Gallery).
More detail can be find at my blog
If you'd like to join us for this event. please PM me or leave a comment on my blog so I can confirm the number to secure the place.
Hope to see some new lolita in the tea party.

Nana_jun/Junie Fantasy Parlor

I have a quick question about nana_jun/Junie Fantasy Parlor. Thus far I have been totally unsuccessful in my search to find either AP's Honey Cake headbow in mint, or just a general AP headbow in mint or white. So I'm considering buying a headbow from nana_jun. But I had two questions: firstly, if anyone has ever purchased a mint hair accessory from her and knows how well it matches AP's mint, and secondly, if anyone feels I should look elsewhere. I've heard some mixed things about her store, but I'm under the impression it's still safe to buy from. Correct me if I'm wrong!
ttgl; yoko?
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pinkage wig review [positive]

Hello! Just thought I'd do a review on the Korean store called Pinkage. They specialize in wigs and extensions (both human hair and synthetic), but also carry circle lenses and other beauty supplies. I'll just be going over the wigs :)

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