March 27th, 2012

Fabrics inspired by Moi-même-Moitié?

Hello dears! ^^

I'm looking for fabrics inspired by Moi-même-Moitié, with similar prints.
I love this brand, and I would like to make a skirt of this style. But where I live, in Madrid, I have not found any similar fabric.

Do you know some websites or shops where I could buy this kind of fabrics?

Thank you so much for read ♥

Post your outfits! Mini skirts.


Although it's not always considered lolita, mini skirts appear in lolita more and more these days. With that, we've been having some very summery days lately, and long skirt and petticoats can get terribly hot! So in spirit of the upcomming spring and summer, the goal of this post is simple: show your coords in which you're wearing a mini skirt! ^^

Habits picked up from Lolita?

Hi everyone! This is my first post, and I was wondering, do you have any unusual habits that you've gotten from wearing Lolita?

For example, now that I've gotten used to a petticoat, I can't stand skirts without any poof to them, even the shorter ones. I tend to wear a short tutu-like skirt underneath them. Not to mention, sometimes when I see a cute print on an everday dress, I'll try to match it up with the brand that would produce something like it.

So, are any of you the same way?
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Tokyo Luckypacks

I will be going to Tokyo again, but this time around new-years.

I have done some research and it seems that luckypacks are released on the 1st or 2nd of January. Laforet is on the 1st, and shibuya 109 is on the 2nd. I still have a few questions though!

1) What day does maruione sell luckypacks?

2) Do the lolita stores that are not inside laforet/maruione like Milk and Innocent World sell luckypacks?

3) Do all the brands in laforet/maruione sell luckypacks? (I have not heard about Emily Temple Cute luckypacks for example)

4) How early in the morning do I need to queue up to guarantee I get a luckypack?

5) Are they limited to one pack per person? 

If you know any lolitas who live in Tokyo please ask them :)

Farewell to an Old Mod, Looking for New Mods, Return of FFA, and Community Involvement!

Farewell to an Old Mod
First up, after several years of devoted service to the community, we've bid farewell to ni_chan87 as a member of the moderation team. We thank her for all her help, and she will be sorely missed!

(Still) Looking for new mods!
In light of this, we'd like to add a couple of new moderators to sales and feedback :) Interested in applying? Check out this post for more details! Please don't be intimidated by the requirements- as long as you're friendly and willing to work hard, we're willing to consider you for a position. If you have any questions or concerns, or fear you don't meet some or all of the requirements, please PM me and we'll discuss it.

Return of the FFA
aonele has kindly volunteered to take over the posting of the FFA, since, frankly, none of us mods can ever seem to remember the day and time it's supposed to go up on XD The new FFAs will be going up on Wednesday nights at 8 PM CST. Not sure what time that is in your city? This handy tool can help you figure it out!

Community Involvement
Next up, the moderation team has been, frankly, too overworked lately to focus on fun things for the community, like the FFA and the Petticoat Press. While we love doing these things for you guys, we just don't have the time these days with our steadily mounting sales and feedback duties!

To that end, we'd like to solicit ideas from the community for activities that community members can organize and participate in for one another. Think of this like the EGL contest- while it's a mod-approved activity that happens on a regular basis, it's not actually run by the moderation team and is operated entirely by a staff of user volunteers. That way, mods will be able to focus more on the boring, administrative crap, but we'll still have regularly scheduled fun activities for everyone!

Have an idea? Then please submit it here using the form below!

Name of idea:
Short description (if it's not obvious from the name):
Frequency/Schedule (e.g. "I'll do this activity once a week on Fridays"):
Resources needed (users, time, money, prizes, whatever):
Would you be willing to run it? (If not, that's okay!):
If so, do you have 1-2 users who can act as backups? (If not, again, that's okay- we'll be happy to act as your backups or help you find someone!):

Collapse )

All we ask is that your ideas be substantially different from current ideas. So a general EGL contest or an FFA that goes up on Fridays wouldn't be okay. But an art contest or a brand-release-related discussion post are fair game :)

If you see an idea that you like or would like to see implemented, please comment below it with a "+1" or a similar comment! If we see a great idea that has a lot of approval but no one to run it, we'll try our best to scare up some people to take charge of it.

And that's all for today~ As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don't hesitate to get in touch with a member of the moderation team!
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DreamV/Yumetenbo question

Hi all,

I placed an order for reservation items with Yumetenbo/DreamV through Rakuten and my credit card hasn't been charged. That doesn't usually happen. The only other time I ordered a reservation item, it was the day before the reserve period ended, so I got a charge within a day or two.

Should I worry, or should I not expect them to charge me for the items until the 12th April which is when they will ship?

Thanks in advance!
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EGL Contest Reminder: Over the Top Lolita!

An Ode to the Aforementioned Contest

Dripping with diamonds, studded in pearls,
bows adorning every one of your curls,
step up one and enter all--
EGL's monthly contest is putting out a call!

OTT gothic with skirts black as night,
creepy cute blondies in batwing tights,
sugary overdose covered in roses:
everyone striking their very best poses.

Classical princesses, locked in their towers,
punk Juliets gazing down from high bowers,
dandies and lordlings, sailors in stripes,
we want to see every last one of these types!

So come one, come everyone, every last lolita,
to don your best OTT paraphernalia. 
Take a photo--one will do--give it a shot
and send it in while this contest is hot!

Don't forget this month's contest, Over the Top!  Further info here, submission here.  Deadline March 31st.  We look forward to seeing all of you!
~Reaaaaally bad poetry courtesy of yours truly, EGL Monthly Contest judge lavenderspikes~