March 26th, 2012

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Dream of Lolita Fantastic Dolly OP Help?!?

Hi Everyone,

I recently received the Fantastic Dolly OP replica from Dream of Lolita. When it first arrived, it looked fine, but just very stiff, so I soaked it in some cool/warm water so I could wash out all the stuff that makes it stiff. However, after a couple hours, the small black lace had run and it stained the dress!!!

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April Banner Art Contest - Let's Vote!

Don't get too excited, EGL, but let me tell you -- you are about to witness 6 extremely fine pieces of lolita-themed artwork. It almost seems unfair of me to ask you to choose your favorite! But choose you must, since only one of these gorgeous works can be featured on our April banner. So click the cut, and get ready to feast your eyes on our artists' beautiful accomplishments!

Please get your vote in as soon as possible, as this poll will close in approximately 48 hours. :)

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AP bangle size?

Hi, sorry if this is already asked, but I couldnt find it.
Does anyone know the size of the bangles from angelic pretty? or could you say your wrist size and how they fit?
thanks a lot in advance!