March 24th, 2012


A Recent Yahoo Parenting Article

15-year-old Living Doll is YouTube's Controversial New Star?

I found this 'article' to be lolita-related news (sorta) since the girl's makeup is inspired by BJDs. I don't like that they are implying that there's some sexual/pedophilia undertones.... AND that they linked it with the SNL weeaboos.... AND that they say it's a parenting issue ^^;;; 

So egl, do you find this 'article' to be relevant (since the Media might view us Lolitas as such)? Are there sexual/pedophiliac undertones in her makeup videos? Or do you think this is total bogus and not news-worthy? (Considering that it IS indeed a crappy yahoo clip). I, personally, think that the girl's makeup is really cute! I can see that the way her and her mom praise Japan would be seen as weeaboo-ish but I also think it's blown wayyy out of proportion. As for the creepy weird adult stalker whose in love with her I really think he's the one with problems since he's so creepy. So..... why are they saying the girl is causing such attention??

Any thoughts? Please discuss 
punk rock

Anime Boston Fashion Show: The Frill That Never Dies UPDATE

Hey egl!

The lolita fashion panel and much anticipated fashion show at Anime Boston has had a time and room change. (All models should have received e-mails from me, please e-mail me ASAP if not ( because that means that you are somehow not on my list.)

Our panel has been rescheduled for:

Panel 302/304 on SATURDAY starting at 02:45:00 PM.

Woo! No worries about the registration line! That panel room is not quite as big as Ballrom A, but it has a center aisle and is actually quite large.

We are still considering last minute submissions, especially for dandy and punk lolita. Send me an email ASAP at madeleinestarr16 at gmail dot com.
We cordially invite everyone to come.