March 23rd, 2012

Lolita-esque sunglasses?

Hi everyone ^^

It was sunny today in Seattle and it got me thinking about sunglasses.
What are some types of sunglasses that would be appropriate for lolita, esp. classic?
i thought star or heart framed ones would be ok for sweet, but other than that, i really dont
have a clue.
any ideas?

Thanks :D
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Any San Francisco lolitas around?

Hello EGL, 

I'm in the San Francisco area for the next few days and I am finding this an excellent time to go off and find the Angelic Pretty boutique while I'm in town and (hopefully) make some new friends, seeing as I'm planning on moving here for college.
Would there be any local lolitas here in San Francisco who would be willing to help me with my plans while I'm here? 
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OTK vs Knee....

Why have all the brands gone to just OTK socks? As a plus size Lolita, OTKs just don't fit right. And don't tell me they have knee socks. They are usually just plain colors. I want a choice between the 2 in the various designs they make. I should think knee socks would be cheaper to make, as well.

So that being said, can anyone give me a reasonable answer? Or is it just greed for more money, on their part?

Sorry if I offend anyone.