March 22nd, 2012


Pellicon 2012: The Revenge // Lolita on TV in East TN

Hi peeps! For anyone in the East Tennesee area, I’ll be on WBIR today (Thursday, 22nd) promoting Pellicon, a multi-fandom convention in Knoxville, while dressed in Lolita, along with some cosplay friends. We should be on at 4 (Live at Five at 4:00), so please tune in!

Once it’s been broadcast, I’ll try and post a link if WBIR uploads it to their website! EDIT: Find it here! Admittedly, we had agreed I wasn't going to say anything which is why I look a little surpised and stumble on my words a bit when I'm asked a question!

Also, I guess this kinda goes with the monthly theme: I was wearing floral. I need to get that damn blouse altered!

Lolita in Vietnam

I'm just wondering if there is any lolita in Vietnam? I know there are quite a few Japanese there and K-pop or J fashion is getting popular there as well. so I wonder if there is any chance that there is any Vietnamese lolita ? I know the weather is hot there but in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia also share the same hot, humid weather but you can still find lolita there. I'm visiting Vietnam soon and it would be nice to know there are some lolita there.

Is this a classic lolita dress?

Hi Ladies! 

I'm about to become the owner of this second hand Petit Angel JSK and I have a question about it. Is this a classic lolita dress? 
Also, could I combine it with country lolita accessories (straw hat and straw bag)?

Sorry if this seems like a dumb question, but I'm still a bit of a newbie! :3

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April Banner Art Contest Reminder

Hey artists of EGL! It's getting to be that time again, so if you want to participate in the banner contest for April's community layout, make sure to get your submissions in by March 25th at midnight, PST! Please remember to submit your art on a white or transparent background. Read more about the banner art contest rules and how to submit your work in this post!