March 19th, 2012

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How to Order from Tokyo Fashion/Mayuki/YOCO

Tokyo Fashion/ Mayuki/ YOCO is a Taiwanese clothing brand that has a lot of loliable blouses/cutsews, like this and this. I just saw a Mayuki blouse on the sales comm and was reminded that I meant to share a "how to" I wrote on ordering, but never did ^^; so here it is:

How to Order from Tokyo Fashion (outside link to my blog)

Note: Most Tokyo Fashion clothes are freesize. Cutsews generally fit up to 36C, blouses 34C. Prices are in Taiwanese dollars (roughly 29:1 against USD), NOT Chinese Yuan. Minimum order is 15 pieces.

Question Time!

HI! ^_^
I was curious,

What was your best experience in lolita?
What was your worst experience in lolita?
What is your most worn colour?

I tried searching EGL, but I couldn't find any posts that asked those questions. I hope that they're EGL appropriate.
Thank you!
lolita vanity

Brand Bag Sturdiness

I'm thinking of treating myself to a nice brand bag very soon, specifically one made by Baby but I'm not sure of the quality. I've only seen a few replica bag reviews so I was wondering if you all could help me?

-How long have you had the bag?
-How often do you use it?
-How sturdy is it?
-What brand mad it?

Thank you!

EDIT: Thank you so much for the overwhelming replies! ^-^
Shiro Loli

Military Boystyle/EGA?

My boyfriend really loves Lolita fashion, but doesn’t want to crossdress, but he doesn’t want to wear the childish clothing of Ouji or even the more mature “Victorian Gentleman” clothing of EGA. Still, he'd really like to participate in Lolita with me somehow.

He was looking over my shoulder while I was looking at some updates on FanPlusFriend and noticed they have things like this and this, which are more military styles. My boyfriend’s former Army, so when he saw these links, he was excited, and asked if there was such a thing as a “Lolita” style for men focused around the military, and honestly, I didn’t know. F+F puts out some crazy themed stuff sometimes. But I know there’s Military Lolita. So why can’t there be Military boystyle/EGA?

Has anyone seen military boystyle/EGA before? Do you have any picture, on boys or girls? If not, do you think it could be pulled off? I found this picture here, which seems pretty well pulled off.


I have been looking at other visual kei/ lolita fashion and have seen meny lolita dresses with leggings. If a girl wears lolita but wears leggings too would that be considered punk/cosplay or visual kei. Does anyone have an opinion. I have seen a lot of wa lolitas with leggings.
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