March 18th, 2012

Miss Velours giveaway!

Hello everybody! I'm happy to introduce you my new lolita accesories brand, Miss Velours, where I make completelly handmade accesories like collars, bows and bags. I try to improve myself every day in it and I hope you will like it! :) Right now there is a giveaway of the brand, check out if you want free super cute lolita accesories!! :)


Everybody have a nice day! <3

Kidsyoyo, Qutieland and Alice in wonderland dresses questions


I have 2 questions which, unfortunately, I haven't found any answer by searching here and on Google :

1. Is it possible to order from Kidsyoyo through another ss than Qutieland considering this text on their homepage : ''For oversea ,please visit: QutieLand is the ONLY Overseas (non Asia Countries) Authorized Dealer of KidsYoYo.''

2. Have someone ever review the Alice in Wonderland dresses from Kidsyoyo?
I only found that forum further on the page there are two pictures of the dress but that's it.

If possible, I would like to see the short and the long version ^^

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